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Bangkok | Mega Bangna + IKEA Bangna

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lingon berry is disgusting imo
The only time i had lingon berries was in IKEA and I hated it :D
I eat real Thai food, I am pretty sure that that thing is delicious.
Thais don't really eat Cheese. .. they?
I am pretty sure you can find every other types of Prawn spread though :D
I was practically in love with this Prawn Spread, bumped in to it once at Ikea Bolingbrook near Chicago. Somehow I couldnt find it anywhere near Thailand..

But I mean do Thais usually have them in their fridge?
Thais dont eat cheese??? really?! why are all those pizza stores soooooo popular here??? :eat:
How about eggs, beans and peanuts?
That's actually true. I always have trouble finding the almond butter in Thailand, a much healthier alternative.

Tell you what it's super hard to find decent supplement protein drinks in Thailand whilst high sugar drinks are pretty much everywhere.

Especially when you live in Chiang Mai. The only drawback about living in Chiang Mai is that chicken breast has become my main source of supplementary protein :(
^^ That's so sad.
I am honestly bored with those places hahah
I went to IKEA today and noticed that they slipped Thai into all their products
From Pansori
If I'm not mistaken the big construction is the Bangna shopping complex which includes an Ikea store among others
1 - 11 of 11 Posts