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Bangkok Subway

Hi Everybody,

The followign is BKK Subway in June 2004

Empty Phaholyothin Station - June 14, 2004

Inside Subway

Mind Your Step!

Waiting for the train to Hua Lamphong at Chatuchak

The trian is coming!

Samyan Station

Symbol of Samyan Staiton - Sala Phrakiaw of Chulalongkorn University.

Stairway to Heaven at Samyan

Look back to the bottom of the pit (Train to Hua Lamphong) and another floor
(Train to Bangsue)

Hallway to the turnstile at Samyan

Trunstile - not working yet - waitign for tokens and smart cards -> TVVMs still at the ship from France -> not reaches Laem Chabang Yet

Wait unit I scan the next set of photo
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I have been into Subway in this evening - the Faithful evening that is the starting point of BKK Subway System. I rode Van to Chatuchak and the ride bus No 69 to
BMA 2. I reach Fortune town by riding Motorcycle to Fortune Town to reach prha Ram 9 Station ... There was an online game masco show at Gate 1

At about 6 PM ... many people were storming Hua Lamphong as well as Phra Ram 9 Station. I could see those people from thsoe kids to grannies - couples - Farang, Chinese -> Storming Rama 9 Station ... Even the News Anchor from Asahi TV alogn with camera crew and interpreter were heading into Subway Gate 1 of Phra Ram 9 Station

At 7:25 PM - the gates were opening and human waves were heading into the booths and to buy 10-Baht smart tokens (imported from Japan at 80 Baht/piece) and 300-Baht Smart cards. I bought Both of them. When the first train RELEASED by His Majesty was not arrived yet, I ran to pick the wallet - one of the gift for the first 99999 passengers in addition to the stationery.

Prha Ram 9 is the only other Station I know that ther is Subway TVM installed.

WHen the Subway released by His Majesty Arrived, I took a half of the roll on the Japanese news anchors who interview the young passengers as well as a mother and a baby inside the subway ...

When I arrived into Hua Lamphong, I was STUNTED on the shck waves of local people storming Hua Lamphong .... It is even worse than Phra Ram 9 Station. BMCL and MRTA Officers have to closed Gate 2 (the Gate of His Majesty) and Gate 3 (the gate with pyramid in front of the gate) since many people are RAGING - closed to edge of insanity when they are goign storm into Subway station - due to the long lines of passengers

Now, I could see the Golden plate sign at Gate 3 Showing the name of this Subway line in addition to the golden plate shown inside Hua Lamphong station ... But I have to come out of Gate 1 to buy a new roll of film and then have to walk on the stair of Gate 4 to platform sinee Gate 4 has NO escalators.

For Lumphinee Station - It is very deep - even not as deep as Si Lom.

I could see the double tunnels for Orange line and the green liens to mark the tracks of future Orange line next to the Belgian Drawing

Subway heading to Bangsue and Hua Lamphong are filled up with passenger into Sadine cane level until it reaches 10 PM.

At one time I heard the young men told his frtiend that "Subway Rollign stocks is 2nd handed left over from Siemens" -> Then I yell back to that young man "Where in the HELL you get such kind of Rumour?"

I could see Indian, and muslim Bangkokians, Japanese businessmen, Chinese tourists and Farang - and his girlfriends riging Subway in addition to those commonmen in Bangkokkians. I could see passengers coming in and coming out of subway to the platforms like sea waves at Major stations like Hua Lamphong, Queen Sirikit Center, Phra Ram 9, Sukhumvit, Chatuchak Park ....

Kamphaen Phet station look very so so for me though ... even though now I could see the billboard covering the space which will become Metro Plaza.

To Expand Subway Systems Skytrain System and High Speed Rail System, Premier
Thaksin BETTER tunr Millenium Steel or Sahaviriya Steel into Siamese version
POSCO and Nippon Steel and turn the automobile assembly lines into Subway assembly lines.

It is very exhaused day for me ... You better wait unti I come up with the photos.
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It looks like our Meteor, all automatic :)

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Nice to see all the lovely Thai women walking around.
How I would love to be in Bangkok now!
Messr. Flo14 Not Yet to have the automatic subway like Meteor ... Even that, we want Siemens to have 6-car formation ... wuheter it comes from Austrian assembly line or Shanghai Assembly line. Even better, Set up the lcoal assmebly in Thailand. You better ask Alstom come up with the better version and plan for technol,ogy transfer if possible.
Good to see English signs, rare in most foreign subways.
FLo14 said:
It looks like our Meteor, all automatic :)

For a second I was wondering how the passengers would board the train - an optical illusion makes it look as though it's above the doors!
Taipei101 said:
Nice to see all the lovely Thai women walking around.
...assuming they're women :D
Oh so great that the sub way is up
will the city liveable I cant wait to go back and see it
Theres a plan for a monorail in Dubai isn't there?
Taipei101 said:
Theres a plan for a monorail in Dubai isn't there?
Just a project, or under construction i think.
and it's now officially open. :) The fare is only 10 baht or 25 US cents till Aug. 12 when they will raise to normal fare. i believe it's around 15-36 baht.
Token / Vendor Machine

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The Map of Bangyai Line (Bangsue - Bang Yai)

Chitlom Pier sign to link with Subway

How to Link Saensabe Boat with Subway System

Escalator for Flyover at Phaholyothin Station

Weekdays: (Mon - Fri)
Opened:6 AM - 9 AM. 3 PM - 8 PM
Weekends: (Sat - Sun)Opened: 10 AM - 8 PM
This restriction is duie to ENEEGY SAVING
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This restriction is due to ENERGY SAVING ?
Sorry what do you mean ?
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