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Dear Bangladeshi!

My name is David. I’m from Russia Federation and I’m very interested in your commercial real estate market.
At this time I’m making diploma work and book about Bangladesh Commercial Real Estate.

My work helps Russian businessmen find out how Bangladesh is rising. How Bangladesh is standing new country for biggest opportunities and business.

Russian are very good men for business, and I hope that my modest work helps for creating our relationship.

If you have some time, please answer these questions. If you have some additions or links I’ll very kind and pleased for it.

And all of you could ask me about commercial real estate in Russia!
The questions:

1. Prospects of Commercial Real Estate market in Bangladesh?

2. Interest of leading foreign company on Bangladesh commercial real estate market?

3. Foreign construction, development and investment company doing business on Bangladesh commercial real estate market?

4. The biggest construction, development and investment company in Bangladesh?

5. How could company buy land in your country? What difficulties It has?

6. How could company make reconstruction or destroy old building and build new?

7. What does company need for construction new building? What document does it need?

8. How many document company need for starting construction?

9. What more interesting in Dhaka? Office spaces, retails and shopping molls, hotels or warehouses?

Thanks in advance!

Yours sincerely,

Tetulia theke Teknaf
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^^what kind of comment is that? sure you can do better

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David,I sent you a message,check your Inbox
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