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Whoever wanders around the city of Kampala, Uganda’s fast developing city with the highest population density in the country, can easily have a miss-preconception on what Bank Architecture should be.

Banks are a symbol of power, status and are corporate entities that should emphasise their presence especially in terms of external appearance, as well as internal work flow.
With their new head offices to be located in Kampala, Bank of Africa, having over 30 branches around the country, will be able for the first time to consolidate most of its growing large team in one location in a building that communicates the Bank’s core values.
The design challenge lies within truly expressing the bank’s strong brand and seeks to create a powerful, corporate and international iconic presence that easily recognises and emphasises the bank’s international and Pan-African identity.
The primary goal of the design is to provide one of the country’s first most innovative and prestigious institutional facilities.
The design is keen on emphasising the brand’s identity in all aspects by exploring and incorporating; sustainable design/ green building strategies, intelligent building & management, carbon reduction, and efficient workflow within the building, as well as creating an iconic landmark yet simple to build aesthetic.
Thus, the bank is ready to successfully make its print in the city of Kampala, within Uganda, Africa, and the rest of the world.

the concept
Bank of Africa exhibits an inimitable and solid brand that is thriving and expanding at a swift rate.
With a tremendous amount of research and a series of discussions and ideologies, three very key aspects have been the driving force towards attaining the best solution for a creative and workable design for the Bank’s facility.
• B.O.A’s brand slogan-‘As strong as a group, as close as a partner’;
The building majestically soars up, grand and iconic, holistically boasting of the bank’s brand in every single attribute.
3 structural external spires wrap around the building form, symbolising strength in numbers, closely and intimately wrapping around the building form, mimicking the gentle yet firm maternal hold of a child- the closeness of a partner. The 3 spires further twist to increase stability for the structure and hence holding the building firmly on ground.

• Combining Traditional with modern;
Given the Pan African identity of B.O.A, inspiration has not been farfetched, but it has embraced even cultural aspects from the very roots of Africa, an activity and item that has been around for a lifetime-the basket weaving.
The building skin has been artistically and intricately weaved into a perforated membrane, gracefully wrapping around to create the building’s elegant facade. This skin is a breathing membrane and specifically cuts down on solar heat gain and glare. As the morning sun and daylight sip through this gentle facade, a tapestry of soft shadows adorns the interior walls and floors. This creates an animated and vibrant aura for the entrance lobby, and the atrium that ascends to the roof terrace.

The main goal for the building design was to avoid the typical glass facade building, as seen elsewhere within the city.
• A Sustainable green building and intelligent building;
The design majorly revolves around Environmentally symbiotic architecture. A green and sustainable highly energy efficient concept implementing the latest design technologies has been one of the strongest design guidelines for the project. The design has created a comfortable, liveable and workable space for the end users of Bank of Africa.
The project is highly impressive considering that all design aspects are tackled in an innovative way. Hence, Bank.

More details: Africa headquarters in kampala (project HUGO)
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