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Bank of America Center​

Height: 224.03 m (735.0 ft)
Floors: 55

Bank of America Plaza, formerly Security Pacific Plaza, is a 55-story, 224.03 m (735.0 ft) class-A office skyscraper lonn Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, California. It was completed in 1974 with the headquarters of Security Pacific National Bank, Capital Group Companies and Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton as its main tenants. The tower is the fifth tallest building in Los Angeles, and the 83rd-tallest building in the United States. In 2009 it had the highest assessed value of any office building in Los Angeles County. When it was constructed, Security Pacific Plaza was unique in that its four sides each faced true north, south, east and west.

From when it opened and until 1992, it bore the Security Pacific Bank logo. It was removed when Bank of America acquired Security Pacific. Its exterior was featured as the lawyer's office in the film Pretty Woman.

The building site is situated on 4.21 acres (1.70 ha) that features a formal garden with over 200 trees and three 24 ft (7.3 m) waterfalls. In front of the main entrance is the 42-foot (13 m) "Four Arches" sculpture by Alexander Calder.

Bank of America Center, Los Angeles, 1979 by Distraction Limited, on Flickr

Bank of America by lewisha1990, on Flickr

Looking south down Hope Street from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles by Matt McGrath Photography, on Flickr

Los Angeles::Bank of America Plaza by mike_s_etc, on Flickr

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I have one question about the height. Those 224.03m are measured from the plaza or from the lowest street level? If somebody could answer me I´d be very thanked. I pretend to make a scaled model and this issue is vital.
I compare its height with Wells Fargo Building (220.4m) and this building is higher than Bank of America Plaza. The difference of street level between both is only around 4-5m, so both buildings should be at the same height in pictures, but it´s not so. Wells Fargo seems to be around 25m higher than the other.
Any idea?
Thank you so much in advance.
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