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Barcelona commies - Ciutat Meridiana

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Surrounded of woods emerges an isolated commie district from the city of Barcelona:

I suppose you are used to see beautiful (true) monuments and architecture like Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, el Barri Gotic, but, in the city reside a high number of commieblocks which can not be ignored.


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Nice pics. This region the commieblock suits fairly well with the nature.

Is the region safe by the way... I don't really know the social status of commieblocks in Spain.
commieblock districts in citys of Spain have been known as "outlaw areas" from their building day until twenty years ago. But this was an exaggerated view from the press, in their typical alarmist manners.
If you want to know how socially were the commietowns on the 1980s Spain, watch the genial movie "Perros Callejeros" part one (by De La Loma).
Now these districts are much better conditioned, comunicated (metro, train, buses), more services (markets, shops, ATMs...). Flats in those blocks are now very expensive, following the general home's price raising fever. The goverment is assembling elevators on every building, etc.
Despite all of this, I think the safest place to LIVE is a commie district. I know people from those places and is what they say. Even a friend of mine living in a very poor commietown in France, he leaves his car unlocked and nobody takes it because he's from the town. This is the idea.
Just curious, Hagbard, are you an architecture students or architect?

The infrastructure to these suburb seems very adequate--- Is the region close to farmland or light industry? I could see some mill-looking architecture around these pic.

I'm not an architecture student nor an architect, just only an entusiast of urbanism (or urbanity) and an amateur photographer.

Speeking about the town. If you check another gallery:

Theese views are from the other side of the hill where I took the commie photos from. This view is the city of Barcelona. As you can see, that hill isolates the commie town (Ciutat Meridiana) from the rest of the city. This is unusual because commie towns use to be located between industrial areas (Bellvitge, Besòs...) where tourists can't be lost and see the "real Barcelona" which is hidden to them (and they keep consuming touristic areas and services like Sagrada Familia or Parc Güell).

Ciutat Meridiana is situated between a concrete factory, some train rails, highways, and the hills.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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