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Torre del Triangle Ferroviari o La Núvia, de Frank Gehry. Zona de la nova estació de La Sagrera.
Railway Triangle Tower or The Bride, by Frank Gehry. La Sagrera new train station area.

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So oldfashioned and boring! Such a shame for a city like Barcelona...
jjajj,well .. i think it's funny, though a little bit "heavy" (se diría así Bitxo?)
I also like it...unusual design which is great for barcelona :)
Great architekture....something you dont forget so fast
^^Yeah I agree with you [email protected]!
I like this building.If it's located in a modern open area it can become a landmark for BCN.
i really like it.
I don't like it at all! the design is okay, but the facade is terrible!
They shouldnt allow Gehry to build highrises. I dont like this one...
Nice design. But Barcelona should really start to build its skyscrapers in clusters instead of spreading them all around the city.
This is being done just right now, in several areas:
I like it. It's very unusual, which is just what is needed.
I like the name..
That nickname is very original.
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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