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Bathed by the clear waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche is located on the West of the Province of Río Negro, 1,640 km from Buenos Aires City.

Founded in 1902, San Carlos de Bariloche owes its name to Carlos Wiederhold, who set the first grocery in the area, and to the deformation of the term Vuriloche ("different people from behind or from the other side"), used to name the natives from the valleys located to the west of the Andes mountain range, before the arrival of the mapuche people.

Since then, Bariloche has turned into one of the main tourist destinations in Argentina. The facilities designed by man, as well as the beauty offered by the natural environment, mingle in perfect harmony to satisfy the visitor.

Mount Catedral, one of the most important ski resorts in Argentina, is visited by more and more enthusiasts of snow sports every winter season. The summers are synonym with adventure in Bariloche. The rough water courses are ideal for the practice of rafting.

The mountain paths are open for hiking, riding mountain bikes and horses across the thick forests, and the high peaks are a challenge for climbers.

For those in need of an extra dose of amusement, Bariloche is an invitation to its night life. Its discos are famous among students during their graduation trip, as well as among the great deal of tourists that visit the city.

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