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Barnstable is a town on Cape Cod, and is the seat of Barnstable County. The population is around 45,000.

Barnstable was founded in 1639 and was named after Barnstaple, England. The earliest settlers were drawn to the area because of the great expanse of marsh grasses, which could be used for raising animals. Later, catching whales from the shore for their oil became the dominant industry. In 1685, Barnstable County was created, and Barnstable became the county seat.

The Town of Barnstable stretches from the ocean to Cape Cod Bay and has seven villages, including Hyannis, which was the summer home of the Kennedy family. These pictures are from the village of Barnstable, along the bay side of the town.

The Barnstable County Courthouse, on Main Street. The courthouse was built in 1831.

A statue of James Otis, Jr., in fron of the county courthouse. Otis was a lawyer who argued against British law and an orator who gave speeches towards rebellion against the British. The statue was dedicated in 2002.

A statue of Mercy Otis Warren, in front of the county courthouse. Warren was a playwright and poet who published articles for various Patriot causes. The statue was dedicated in 2001.

The Barnstable Village Hall, on Main Street. The Village Hall is also the home of the Barnstable Comedy Club.

The Coast Guard Heritage Museum, housed in the old Trayser Building customs house on Main Street. The Customs House was built in 1855, and served in that role until 1913, when it became a post office until 1959.

The Old Jail, on Main Street. The jail was built in 1690 is the oldest wooden jail in the United States. The jail is now part of the Coast Guard Heritage Museum.

The Unitarian Church of Barnstable, on Main Street. The church was built in 1907.

The Crocker Tavern, on Main Street. The tavern was built in 1754 and served as a tavern and inn, and also as a stagecoach stop.

The Sturgis Library, on Main Street. The library was established in 1863. The library incorporates the John Lothrop House, which was built in 1644, into the structure. The house, now called the Lothrop Room, is the oldest building to be used as a library in the United States.

St. Mary's Episcpoal Church, on Main Street. The church was built in 1891.

The Olde Colonial Courthouse, on Main Street. The structure was built in 1772 and served as the colony's second courthouse, for the King's Court. In September 1774, Patriots forcibly ended court sessions.

The Thomas Allyn House, on Main Street. The house was built in 1680.

A house on Rendezvous Lane.

A shop on Main Street.

A store on Main Street.

A house on Main Street.

Offices on Main Street.

A house on Main Street.

Sandy Neck Lighthouse, across Barnstable Bay on Sandy Neck. The light station was established in 1826 and the current lighthouse was built in 1857.

Marshes near Satten Point Road. The marshland here is similar to the Great Marsh, which is located nearby to the west.


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Superb, as always. Fascinating little town, with so much history. Love the old jail house.
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