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Barrie's Skyline?

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Barrie - Canada

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Here's Barrie, Ontario, Canada, located 90 km north of Toronto on Highway 400 and Lake Simcoe on Kempenfelt Bay, an inner Ontario lake, and is the gateway to cottage country.
Home to over 110,000, and a metro of about 160,000, it is home to Georgian College, the OHL's Barrie Colts Hockey team, and Molson Park, a major area covering massive woodstock-like concerts like Edgefest and Vans Warped Tour.

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It's not bad considering its population, a couple of office towers and the rest are condominiums. Sort of looks like Kelowna, BC if you ask me. 7/10.
The unfortanate thing for Barrie is that, it is going to be considered more and more as a suburb of Toronto as the GTA grows, until it become known as just more sprawl.
7/10 Nice looking city with a pretty good downtown. I like the twin emerald green condos. The fountain in the lake is so Geneva-esqe!
Ok, but nothing to boast about. I give it a 4/10.
Very tacky. 3/10
10/10, Barrie has style. :)
I visited Barrie several times while living in Orillia. It was pretty good. I remember the really good Fish and Chips restaurant and an odd tree with loads of pairs of shoes pinned to it right next to the highway!
OK skyline for a city of this size... 5,5/10
Not much of a skyline really.6.
looks nice in the first picture but not very good for a city of 100000
only time i was in barrie i was stoned looking for food. That shakedown street party was sick. uhh... 6/10
Went to Barrie twice over the past 2 weeks. One for just a look around, and to visit the Kempenfest.

Loads of cool bars

New condos being built on Kempenfelt Bay

Hooters :D

Looking down the bike path

U/C Condos again

Cool and fast growing little city :)
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nice city but not that much of high rise buildings 7
5/10. Not too dense.
1 - 20 of 68 Posts
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