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BASE JUMPING-aussie dies

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will be great for tourism
^^ :lol::lol:
She was taken to hospital but pronounced dead there.

Nice to see that shes already been put into a body bag before arriving at hospital and passing on.
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in many place a coroner is the only person legally allowed to declare a person dead
Hmmm. No ones going to bother taking the pulse of a severed arm at the scene to check for vitals.

No way would this dringo have survived the fall. Best to get all the bits together out of public view then take it all to the hospital.
Then they can bother with the formalities to officially declared her (?) dead.

Theres a reason base jumping is illegal. Sorry for the family and those involved in the clean up but man what an idiot.
i love coronas
It's a deadlier serious news than Noah's Ark.
This needs its own thread why? :nuts:
I don't think you needed to point that out, if you haven't already realised, most other posts are doing the same...
Any sort of death like this is horrible for all involved but jeez louise that is a dangerous sport. You go off that tower and you by default a dead person relying solely on a piece of string and fabric to pull you back into the land of the living.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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