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So here is the thread about everything that's going on in the 2 biggest city in Switzerland.

INFO: other pics will follow, this is just Novartis Campus!

City Population: 170 000
Metro: 700 000

Highest current Buildings:

Messe Turm (Exhibition Tower: 105 Meters ;)

Roche and Novartis and Syngenta,the Pharma giants are all headquartered in the city, employing around 60 000 people together!

Other well-known Companies from Basel: Panalpina, UBS, Lonza, Coop, Basilea, Actelion, Endress & Hauser, Bâloise, Clariant, Synthes, Ciba -Geigy...

The Architect Duo Herzog & De Meuron also is from Basel, they started with they first creations, and they are about 20 buildings now in the whole city.


"Roche Tower" Bau1 ¦ 2009 ¦ 154m ¦ Approved

Warteck Tower ¦ ? ¦ 88m ¦ Planned

Novartis Campus Twin Towers ¦ ? ¦ 120m ¦ Planned

Novartis Campus ¦ ? ¦ 100m ¦ Planned

Novartis Campus ¦ ? ¦ 80m ¦ Planned

Novartis Capmus ¦ ? ¦ 60m ¦ Planed

Pratteln ¦ 2010 ¦ 55m ¦ Planned

Markthalle ¦ 2009 ¦ 50m ¦ Approved

Tour Signal Hunningue (France) ¦ 2009¦ 46m ¦ Approved

Other Projects:

Erlenmatt ¦ 2007 - ?¦ In construction

Basel exhibition center ¦ 2012 ¦ nearly Approved

Südpark ¦ 2008 ¦ approved, start of the construction end of the year

Volta ¦ 2007-? ¦ In construction

Stucki/Science Park ¦ 2008 ¦ In construction

Schoren Areal ¦ 2012 ¦ Planned

Actelion Headquarters ¦ 2008 ¦ In construction

Pratteln -Henkel Areal ¦ 2008 ¦ In construction

Vitra Campus Weil am Rhein ¦ 2008 ¦ in Construction

The Novartis Campus:

Novartis is reconstructing the hole Campus with Buildings of well-known Architects. The company is investing about 5 Millards Franks (I thinks its 5 Billion in English !?). The Campus will be completely finished in 2020 - 2030!

Campus 1:

The Garden

Märkli Building

Campus 2:

(don't know the name of the building)

Herzog and De Meuron Building (already built):

Sanaa Building:

Frank Gehry Building:

Tadao Ando Building:

Chiperfild Building:


Krischanitz Building:

There are also plans, to construct new skyscrapers:

H1 are gonna be 120 meters (twin towers), H2 100m, H3 90m, and H4 60m.

List of all Architects building something:

Novartis Campus - 2012

WSJ 152: Krischanitz
153: Lampugnani
154: Moneo
155: Taniguchi
157: Märkli
158: SaNaa
174: Maki
177: Souto de Moura
187: ?
204: Diener&Dierner
210: ?
237: ?
242: Gehry
352: Ando
355: Chipperfield
518: ?
526: Renzo Piano
536: Jean Nouvel

Exhibiton Area 2012

Last sunday, Basel-City approved over 50 millions SFR for the project!

For the Fairs like Art Basel or Baselworld, they have to build a new hall, to keep the fairs in the city!

Length :200 Meters Height: 40m


in 2012


The Facade:

The Roche Tower / Bau 1

154 Meters, New Headquarter of Roche. Over 5000 Employees wil work in the Tower! Will be he hightes building in Switzerland ;)

Construction beginning in 2009, end of the construction 2012/2013

Volta :

n a first step, there will be built 300 Appartments.

Volta Center

Volta West

Volta Mitte


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City Gate

Citygate is a new, multifunktional Service Center. It is situated between the SBB Central Station and the St. Jakob-Park Stadium. Responsible for the concept and the Design of the buildings are following architects: Diener & Diener, Herzog & De Meuron as well as Luca Selva. The construcion has already started!

For more information visite:

construction site:


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Schoren area

City development area, with two new residential towers!
1. Price of this competition goes to Burckhardt and Partner, Basel:

Wellville, Schorenareal
Basel, Switzerland


In line with their differing characters, the two plots of land are planned differently in terms of their urban development context and external typology, and their urban development structure developed dialectically. The planning also covers the urban development fragments and uses them to create a clear and homogenous building structure in both areas. As a result, urban and rural improvements are achieved not only for the building area but also for the entire quarter. The aim is to define rules within the development which also leave the necessary room for manoeuvre in terms of the further planning as well as permitting a typological and sociological mixture.

Inner design lines with a reference to external edges define a clear network for the building structure. The interfaces with the urban development fragments and the existing network of paths determine starting points and links. Even amongst one another, they create new relations on the plots of land and have different weightings. The network of design lines and connections defines the building fields as well as the open spaces.

In part C, the high-rise settlement is extended by two additional high-rise buildings which fit in harmoniously and with consideration for the shadow problem.


The building fields determined are developed with a block edge structure, the outer edges are laid down by the fields. A clear distinction is made between inner courtyards and outside public areas, the subject of the inner courtyards incorporates the existing building into the concept. The openings of the blocks are set in a binding manner and define a secondary network of paths. The access points for connection of the building are situated on the road side and go as far as the inner courtyard. Higher residential buildings are placed at the important town areas and serve to mark the link points.

The green concept reinforces the differentiation between interior and exterior via the varied density of the external areas. The courtyards have open and irregular green areas, and are in the context of the inner courtyards which are also built up for the existing development. The street areas are densely and compactly planted. They interlink with the open areas which are greened extensively at specific points only. In part C, freely placed groups of trees combine with the green surroundings.


Characteristic for the planning area is the different nature of the individual partial areas. The strongly integrative style of the development will be reflected in the sociological structure: As a reaction to the challenge of ageing and the mixture of different social layers, the building typologies offer room for a broad spectrum of apartment types and sizes as well as the possibility of differing ownership relations. The most varying types of apartment can also be realised within one building structure.

The aim is the creation of attractive apartments for families as well as small apartments suitable for older people.
Contemporary interpretation of the high-rise building theme is proposed for part C. The subject of diversity is taken up in the high-rise buildings via the layers. They allow room for differing ground plan layouts: In the base area near the green landscape area, there are attractive apartments for families; the projecting upper storeys feature generous apartments in the superior segment.



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Gehry Building

New pictures:

Fotos des innern:

Below ground is the Learning Factory for all campus employees, and a 600-seat auditorium with a glass ceiling and skylight connecting it to the Campus Green above. The auditorium can be divided into two separate rooms to hold simultaneous functions.

A central atrium unites the building sections and reinforces visibility by allowing natural light to flow from the roof through all office floors and down to the underground levels where the auditorium lobby is located. The concept of openness and transparency is reinforced by the use of glass in the building’s exterior design.


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Les Jetées
Specific thread (fr)

Location : Huningue (France)
Status : Under construction
Estimated completion : 2022 to 2025
Type : Mixed-use
Floor area : 30 732 m²
Floors : max. 18
Architects : Pietri Architectes / Tryptique / Nicolas Laisné / Dream.Archi

Work started for the first buildings of Les Jetées project in the northern suburb Huningue, located in France.







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