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Bassem Feghali (Fan Thread)

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Most of you probably know who Bassem Feghali is.. but for those who don't he has to be one of the most creative and humorous coming from Lebanon in this type of entertainment.

He does amazing female impersonations, I really mean it... he usually looks better than the originals do haha.
There has always been speculation of his sexual orientation, whether straight, bi, gay or a crossdresser... whatever the case may be its pretty good that he is so famous - makes our society more tolerant if they respect his work, and whatever his lifestyle may be.

So for the thread, post your favorite bassem videos... I will start with the Opening and Ending Credits for his Ramadan show - Fawazeer Ramadan..... The ending kills me every time hahaha
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^^ :lol:
This friday was Murex D'or in Lebanon... last year Bassem did a skit which was hillarious:

This year he did a skit as well... this time so much funnier, you have to check it out.

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