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Bat Yam | Yoseftal Tower | 35 fl + 9 fl (150+40m) | approved

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Yoseftal Tower
vb project approved this week
דיל חלומי: רכש בית קטן בבת ים ויבנה עליו שני מגדלים

35 fl. res. tower
9 fl. office tower

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Which design are they going with?
The podium is completely different and the tower is shorter and thicker in the latest rendering posted above.
^^^ That's a pretty pessimistic view of things. Hopefully, everything will work out and Bat Yam will become a better city.

Actually, the slower gentrification happens, the better. It'll give Bat Yam a chance to adjust, correct mistakes and make improvements. The whole process will be more organic.
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