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Bat Yam | Yoseftal Tower | 35 fl + 9 fl (150+40m) | approved

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Yoseftal Tower
vb project approved this week
דיל חלומי: רכש בית קטן בבת ים ויבנה עליו שני מגדלים

35 fl. res. tower
9 fl. office tower

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The reparcelization application is for 30 + 12 floors. Strangely enough, the latest rendering I posted is from that very set of documents 🤷‍♂️

So, I seem to have found the reason for the disparity. The first renderings uploaded depict plans that had not yet been submitted for approval. Whether or not those plans will be approved is yet to be determined (after Sukkot).

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Parts of it (the neighborhoods close to the beach, public transit etc.) may well end up being among the most attractive. Most neighborhoods will, however, probably remain poor and neglected for decades to come.

The dissonance will probably never get quite as bad as that between The White City and Neve Shaanan in Tel Aviv five-ten years ago, just don't expect all of Bat Yam to undergo gentrification and renewal overnight. In fact, I am pretty sure that certain neighborhoods will see an influx of haredim (ultra orthodox Jews), as Bnei Brak will be easily accessible by light rail.

The influx of new residents (be they hipsters, arabs, olim, nouveau riche, or haredim) may well exacerbate frictions, causing renewal to slow down. There is plenty of friction in Bat Yam as it is.
Damn. In a decade Bat Yam will be one of Tel Aviv’s best suburbs (or neighborhoods?) with the great towers, light rail and other public transport connections, the beach.
I am not pessimistic at all. In fact, I bought an apartment in Bat Yam a couple of years ago with intentions to move there eventually, so I've done my "homework", so to speak. But people need to be quite careful when investing in Bat Yam, as there are major demographic differences between neighborhoods and sometimes even streets and individual buildings. The city is highly heterogenous (for better or worse).
^^^ That's a pretty pessimistic view of things. Hopefully, everything will work out and Bat Yam will become a better city.

Actually, the slower gentrification happens, the better. It'll give Bat Yam a chance to adjust, correct mistakes and make improvements. The whole process will be more organic.
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