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Batam is an island and also a city in Riau Islands Province of Indonesia, known for its free trade zone area as part of the Sijori Growth Triangle, is located 20 km (12.5 miles) off Singapore's south coast. The 415 km² (160 miles²) island has a population of 713,960 in December 2006, most of whom are Malays (85%) and Chinese (14%). A few indigenous Orang Laut tribes also live on the island.

Batam in recent days has grown in popularity with the tourists around the world. The tropical island of Batam is highly blessed by Mother Nature. The island of Batam is a part of Indonesia and also has close contact with Singapore. Batam apart from Indonesians have a huge number of Chinese populace.

Apart from the natural beauty of the island the other thing which is very attractive to the tourists is the cheap rate of everything in this island. The island of Batam witnessed a metamorphic change during the 70s decade of the 20th century. From a wilderness it grew up to be one of the major industrial and tourism zone of Indonesia.

The city of Batam has grown as the free trade zone as it became an integral fraction of the Sijori Growth Triangle. The island was home to only the Orang Laut tribe but the economic development of the area has changed the picture significantly.

In 2006 Batam was incorporated into the special economic zone which was a joint venture by Singapore and Indonesia. Tourism since the 20th century has grown as the main economic base of the island of Batam. There are a number of resorts in the island like marina resorts, waterfront resorts and even golf course resorts.

The natural beauty together with the charm of the local inhabitants is sure to make your vacation memorable. Settling in Batam can also be considered as the living cost is low and cost of property is also cheap. So if you want to extend your charming vacation consider buying a home there and settling for life.
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