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Bath, England , UK

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Had a nice day trip to Bath and thought i would share the pictures of this great city. I also managed to get on the tour of the Abbey Tower with great views over the city.

The Abbey, pump rooms and Roman baths are all close together

Pump room on left, this is where afternoon tea is served and a cultural delight in the UK

City hall

Being used

Abbey interior

more later
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I love english cities. Their architecture is stunning.
Nice, looks very English.
Lovely set of photos of one of my favourite English cities.
Lovely, very nice photos indeed from the town/city of Bath, cardiff :)
This is amazing!!! And so close to London!
Great photos, Cardiff! It's interesting that there doesn't appear to be any trees anywhere in the city!
Thanks for the coments, you are right there are a lack of trees in the general streetscape of Bath, where there are trees they tend to be HUGE old trees that dominate a square or circus. Its something i get quite pashionate about in cities (green space), but as Bath is surrounded on all sides by green tree lined hills, its not such an issue that ive noticed.

Assembly rooms (where my sister got married)

The Circus

highlighting my point, at the center of the circus are a few large ancient trees


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Awesome shots there! I love Bath every time I visit, especially on a sunny day. :)
Bath is a pearl, one of the most beautiful British cities, hands down. :bow:
Cardiff makes by far some of the best threads on SSC. His pictures are so clean, it's just incredible. :cheers:
It looks like a really nice city, even though it has a bit of a 'conservative' look to it.
I might go there one day since I really like British cities. Is it a vibrant city or is it a bit boring?
Wow, very kind comments guys, you make me blush! Thank you! Arrgh, bath is a very vibrant city with a large student population balanced by a quite conservative local folk. its the only city in the Uk where it is legal to perform on the streets with no license, so lots of street performers and loads of tourists, add to this a very wealthy population and it all adds to an exciting mix of people and city living.

Pultney bridge and weir

I like the urban levels here

day trippers

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Priceless! :master:

So neat and well preserved, a dream city!
Pultney bridge and weir

That's an interesting waterway, boats just stop there and turn around?
Thanks for the comments, thats a weir used to ensure there is always a certain level of water in the river. Boat trips happen both sides of the weir independantly though there is a lock (not sure if it works) to the right of the pic.

Art gallery

notice the statues around the roman baths

tired tourists enjoying the eveneing sun

back in the abbey

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