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I thought programme was nicely done and the stop-time (not quite sure how you say) video of bullring's development was awesome.

Its a shame that they didn't have chance to look at Methodist central Hall, St Chads or St Philips or any Jewish Synagogues or Sikh temples but at least they showed fleeting glimpses of them in a montage of video shots of religious buildings.

Really does highlight the amazing diversity in Birmingham that we take for granted.

I feel I must visit more of the places of worship as I have been past so many but never dipped my toe into other cultures more than an academic investigation.

Do we know what the next programme might cover, it didn't say 'next week...'
Its also a shame that only midlanders got to see it. Perhaps each city or region's set of programmes could have a summary programme shown over another set of weeks. There really are some fascinating buildings and stories to these buildings in all of our great cities.
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