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BBC: The Somali millionaire 'thanked' for being rich.

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By Mary Harper - BBC News, Dubai

The emirate of Dubai is one of the richest places in the world with a large population of foreign nationals - including tens of thousands of expat Somalis, some wealthier and more successful than others.

"Why this car?" I asked.

"Because I don't like the Phantom."

"The Phantom?"

"Oh, you know, the Rolls-Royce Phantom."

The car I was talking about was a Bentley. And the man I was talking to was a Somali, originally from Mogadishu, who had done rather well for himself in the mobile phone business.

He was dressed in an understated but expensive way. We were in the underground car park of a giant, glitzy shopping mall in Dubai.

The car was enormous. Six metres (20ft) long and a rich, dark gold colour. A small Indian man was polishing its wheels.

"Get in," said the Somali.

I obeyed his instruction and placed myself as elegantly as I could on the smooth leather seat. The floors were made of soft brown fur.

"Lambskin," Abdullahi Abdi Hussein said, as he closed the door for me. A quiet, expensive clunk.

"This car cost $500,000 (£315,000)," he added as he slid into the driver's seat.

"Look at the dashboard. It's African cherry wood and crystal. The interior, including the ceiling, is cow leather. Special cow, blemish-free cow, bred especially for Bentley." -- Continue reading
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Dadka ajenebi moodeeya maalqabeenkan Soomaaliya ma noolaan.
Why are Somalis wealthy and successful in the UAE, while here in Australia a large number of Somali immigrants are on welfare and living in public housing?
Because welfare makes you dependent on others. Oh, and that's not the topic, kthx.
Why are Somalis wealthy and successful in the UAE, while here in Australia a large number of Somali immigrants are on welfare and living in public housing?
Welcome to the Somali forum SydneyCity. You should read this story, there are many qualified Somali-Australians who are unable to find a place in the work-force, for various reasons outlined in the story.

Also, welfare/public housing induces a lazy-culture, because in places like the United States, the Gulf countries and Africa, you have to get off your backside, or you go hungry, and those are the places where the most successful Somali diaspora communities are found.
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It's funny to note that this flamboyant millionaire is not even the richest guy in his own company. He's a co-owner of a small telecommunication company in Mogadishu by the name of Somaphone. Best of luck to him & many other Somali business men/woman in Dubai. They are the true heroes of Somalia.
Are you sure that's his car?

I came across Mary Harper's blog and it looks like this is the guy and his car.
With a car like that no wonder he gets stares even from the wealthy Emariti locals.
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Yeah, the picture in the article is actually a RR phantom. He picked a flamboyant colour though, I would have gone with silver or black.

(Who am I kidding, I would have taken the above one with both hands! :D)
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