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I always have the feeling everybody thinks Finland is a boring, cold and remote country, but that is defenetly NOT the case...

Helsinki Harbour with the Lutheran Cathedral.

Helsinki harbour at night

"Forum", one of the biggest shopping malls in Helsinki

A street in downtown Helsinki

CityCenter in downtown Helsinki

"Finnkino Tennispalatsi", the biggest movie theatre in Scandinavia

"Maamerkki", the highest "skyscraper" in Helsinki (82m)

SysOpenTower, 70m. I must say i like the design.

"Itämerentorni" (="Baltic Sea Tower") 66m.

"Merihaka". I doesn´t look that "dirty" in reality.

Agricola church, 97m

"Arabia Shore" houses

Helsinki city at night

Helsinki city at night again.

The Central railway Station (clocktower 50m) at night

Central railway Station

"Esplanaadi Puisto" (puisto=park)

Finlandia Hall.

Finnair Stadium

"Forum" at night

Grand Marina Hall Helsinki

A Café in Helsinki

Helsinki Harbour

Havis Amanda fountain

Helsinki Harbour

Havis Amanda

Helsinki Harbour

Liner leaving port (Helsinki Harbour)

Helsinki street

Old house in Helsinki

Helsinki Harbour

Helsinki city from above

Stockmann, supposedly the largest department store in Scandinavia.

Helsinki at night

Lutheran Cathedral

Helsinki Railway station and "Rautatientori"

Helsinki dochs: here the world's largest Luxury liner The Voyager of the Seas and many other liners are made.

Downtown Helsinki, the shopping street "Alexanterin Katu" (=Alexander Street)

Helsinki rooftops

Helsinki harbour

Helsinki houses

A park in Helsinki

Helsinki view

Another view of Helsinki

Helsinki in the winter

Helsinki, Night of the Arts

Helsinki in the autumn

Helsinki by night

Johannes Cathedral, 74m

Kallio Cathedral 65m

Kallio district

"Kappeli" restaurant in downtown Helsinki

The Viking Line´s "Cinderella" leaving port

Mannerheimintie (=Mannerheim Street), Mannerheim was the leader of Finland in the WW2 against the Sovjet Union.


"Pohjoisranta" promenade

Pohjois Esplanaadi (North Esplanaadi Street)

Olympia Torni (74m), it was built to the olympis games that was held in Helsinki 1952.

Helsinki from above.

The Parliament.

"Pasilan linkkitorni" 146m

Pohjoisranta Harbour

Pohjoisranta promenade

Helsinki city in the winter

Sanomatalo in downtown Helsinki

Sokos: shopping mall and hotel.

Starwars Revenge of the sith sign(88 square metres) in downtown Helsinki

Stockmann shopping mall in downtown Helsinki

A street in Helsinki

Helsinki view

Uspenski Cathedral.

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Some more images...



Aspo island in sout Finland


winter pic.

A forest in the summer.

Art Museum in Turku (Finland´s oldest city)

Jurmo island


Finland in the summer

A Castle

A very old sauna

Suomenlinna fortress on an island outside Helsinki

Turku castle

Turku City

Turku Cathedral

Another pic of Turku castle.

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that Finlands nature is beautiful, I know that. But Helsinki looks surprisingly nice!
Very caracteristic for Helsinki (but for also for other big Scandinavian cities) are the neat little commercial billboards on shopping malls like seen on the "Forum".
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