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Beattie announces 63 new schools
April 26, 2005
From: AAP

THE Queensland Government will build 63 new schools in the state's southeast to cope with an expected population boom over the next 20 years.
The schools, costing $1.79 billion, are a part of a southeast Queensland regional infrastructure plan, which will be unveiled by the Government tomorrow.

Premier Peter Beattie today said more infrastructure was needed to cope with the one million extra people estimated to flood the state during the next 20 years, and to fuel more growth within the southeast corner.

"Schools are a magnet for communities because many people think about the location of quality schools before they buy a home," he said.

"So by planning where and when we build schools, and, where possible, acquiring school sites before areas boom, the Government will strategically encourage growth."

Mr Beattie said of the 63 new schools to be built by 2026, 52 would be primary schools and 11 secondary schools.

He said the first two schools, a primary school and a secondary school, would be built at Ripley in the future urban corridor to Brisbane's west.

"The western corridor is a rapidly growing area of our region and has been earmarked as a key growth area in our southeast Queensland regional plan," Mr Beattie said.

The two schools would be open by 2008.

Mr Beattie said 17 primary and high schools were scheduled to be built in the next four years.

Treasurer Terry Mackenroth said Education Queensland would consult with communities on the exact location of the new schools.

Sites would also be determined using population projections in the plan and ongoing reviews of demographic trends, he said.
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