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Beautiful Šumadija

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Šumadija (Serbian Cyrillic: Шумадија) is a geographical region in Serbia. The area is heavily covered with forests, hence the name (from šuma 'forest'). The city of Kragujevac is the center of the region, and the administrative center of the Šumadija District in Central Serbia.

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Church Sv.Arhangel Gabrilo

Built in 1364 under Stefan Uroš V Nemanjić near Borački krš 25km away from Kragujevac.

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Gruža Lake

Near Knić arround 20km away from Kragujevac city

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Glediće mountains near Kragujevac

Avala Tower (202 m)

5km from Belgrade city

Belgrade, capital of Serbia

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Velike Pčelice near Kragujevac

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