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Beautiful Kings Park, Perth Australia(amazing views)

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G'day from Perth Australia.This is my 1st post.I've just purchased a new Digital camera and thought I'd take it for a spin by photographing my beautiful city.I will start with some Kings Park pics from this weekend.I have many more pics which I will show later.Hope you enjoy.

Perth skyline

Former Swan brewery

Narrows bridge

New glass Bridge

Saturday night pics

DNA Tower-The highest point in Kings park, the tower is designed to resemble a double-helix molecule.

Climbing up DNA tower as the sun sets over Perth

Once at the top, I enjoyed a magnificent W.A Sunset.In this pic You can actually see the Indian Ocean.

Perth CBD at Dusk

Next time I'll try taking pics on a weeknight, as city is much more spectacular then.
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Thanks Funkytown. Perth people may not realise that they have the most beautiful Kings Park on the planet, and the city is a paradise. One thousand acres of natural bushland, next to the city centre. In your first pic we can see the underground rail tunnel being constructed at the bottom right hand corner. The first station will be Esplanade at start of William St, outside the entrance to Perth Convention Centre.
Nice photos! Your 'normal' views overlooking the city are cracking. The more unusual views gives people who aren't familiar with the city a much more personal idea of the place - the DNA tower for instance.

Perth must be one of the most pretty, friendly, inviting and cleanest cities in the world. Thank god I chose to settle here!
the cities in Australia are so clean and sunny!
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