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Münster, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, has a population of about 270.000 excluding most of the 48.000 students enrolled in the university.

The city was awarded the LivCom Liveable Community Award in 2004.

Münster is located only 40Km from Osnabrück and I took these pics the same day in late april I took the Osnabrück pictures .

I could have taken way more intersting pictures in these very charming and lively city but sadly I only had about 2 and a half hours but hopefully I’ll be back soon with a better camera. This city deserves it.

Walking towards the city centre from the central station.

Notice the amount of bikes parked on the left side. Münster truly is a city of bikes rather than cars.

The bicycle-Autobahn that circles around the inner city. No cars allowed.

Well, he was happy to be in the picture. 

A majority of Münsteraner are catholics. Clemenskirche. (1745)


This is also the town-museum.

Erbdrostenhof, Münster’s most noble residence was built in 1753.

Church St. Lamberti

Again the Erbdrostenhof. Today it serves as the headquarters for the state curator.

Modern and old united.

2 pics of the Dominican church

Prinzipalmarkt, Münster’s main shopping street since the middle ages.

Historic town-hall on the left

Lamberti Church

Still green but soon blue.

I love cars but I don’t know what this is. A Noble?

Historic Town-hall

Cathedral (1225)


St. Mary’s Church (1340)

Castle (1767)

Leaving the old town and walking towards the Aa-lake.

Project along the Aa-Lake promenade.

Going back to the central station. Münster is not a very dense city. In fact my hometown which has almost twice the population of Münster is smaller in size.

Goodbye Münster but I’ll definitely back soon.

Münster's application-video for the 2004 livcom award they won:

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Wow, great pics! I really enjoyed that. Seems that Münster is a real biketown eh ;)

Münster is just a fantaboulous, lovely university town. And especially if you remember what happened to Münster in WW2, it's even much greater...

And by the way - this is a grand looking Lotus Elise ;)


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Thanks for all the pics. Europe is fortunate that so many of its old buildings have survived intact...other parts of the world have not been as lucky.
According to erbsenzaehler's photo, it does not appear that Münster is one of the lucky ones. I guess it was probably rebuilt to resemble what it used to?

Thanks for the great photos, StoneRose.
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