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Beautiful Quebec City

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Beautiful Quebec City!!! :) Thanks rt_0891!! :)

Any Thoughts To Share? :)
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Beautiful pictures. I love Vieux Québec. I haven't seen much of Québec (either in picture or in person) outside of that district though. Any pictures?
Beautiful :D
Gorgeous. Love Quebec City. So unique for North America.
Really beautiful , the first one is impressive !
WOW.. Quebeb looks like an european city....awesome..:)
Quebec City is THE most unique city in Canada. I love its European look, but a further glance and you'll find little bits of Canadian history everywhere. By far my favourite historical Canadian city (even beating Ottawa)!!!
Tight little city you got there, I like it.
I think I will never get tired of Quebec City. EVER!

It's surely the most beautiful architecture in this continent. Everything is so tidy, well kept and beautiful. Thanks for the excellent pics, I had the best time there!
I think it is the prettiest town in all of Canada! Thanks for these lovely pix!
Beautiful! Quebec is the Canadian city I most want to go to.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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