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Heey guys, today i arrived from a trip to Madrid, the capital of Spain. I knew Madrid was nice but what i saw was just in one word: AMAZING!

Why visitting Madrid? You can visit Madrid for her buildings (Old Madrid looks very nice with her small streets, different colors of buildings, Paintings at buildings and etc...)

You can visit it for the monuments, you will see a important one at almost every square.

The people, they will help you with everything you need.

And so many more...

I think i saw everything you MUST see in Madrid and maybe even more?

You have to see the following things when visitting Madrid for sure:

-Plaza Mayor
-Puerta Del Sol (You will find the Landmark of Madrid over there)
-Gran Via (The Metropolis building is amazing!)
-Palacio Real (A HUGE palace)
-Almudena Cathedral
-Plaza de Oriente (With her Teatre Real and monuments of all the EX kings of
Palacio Real)
-Plaza de Espana (With her 2 skyscrapers and HUGE monument)
-Puerta de Alcala
-Parque de Retiro (Also a HUGE monument over there)
-Plaza de Cibeles (A beautifull fountain in the middle)
-Plaza de Colon (A Monument of Columbus)

I took alot of pics and i want to show you guys my best 25 pictures, they have a size of 800×600, if you need them bigger send me a mail and i will send you the original one.

Here they come:

1. Edificio de Espana

2. 1 of the 2 KIO towers with a metro sign

3. Metropolis Building

4. Old building close to Plaza de Oriente

5. The huge postoffice

6. Plaza Mayor

7. Palacio Real

8. The right KIO tower

9. Plaza de Oriente with the Teatro Real

10. Puerta de Alcala

11. Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

12. Almudena Cathedral

13. Most important building on Puerta Del Sol

14. Orange house

15. Puerta De Toledo

16. Inside Las Ventas

17. Templo de Debod

18. Bussines District AZCA

19. A small street

20. Las Ventas from the outside

21. Teatro Real

22. Monument of Columbus

23. Monument at Parque de Retiro

24. Gran Via

25. The church Iglesia de san Isidro at the end of the street

Please leave a comment:)

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Hehe, you have been to the same places as me (see link in my signature). Very nice pictures, Ralphkke!

Mainland Sea & Sky
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Excellent pics , and recall my fond memories there four years ago, and hope to revisit MAD one day !

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Heyy! I haven't been to Las Ventas, what a nice place!

Madrid is indeed a very interesting cities, I've been to all the places you said in the beginning of your thread and most of them are really amazing.

I don't see how one cannot like Madrid. And also, it has the greatest energy of all cities I've ever been to.
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