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I recently made a trip to Beijing, and am in the process of going through the photos and posting them to my website. In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of what is to come in my Beijing 2007 series.

1. Welcome to Beijing. There are a lot of new buildings set along wide boulevards. I will show photos from my walking tour around the World Trade Ctr.

2. Quite a number of these ads for Ethiopian Airlines on the streets.

3. Welcome to see skyscrapers!

7. Get your selection of counterfeit goods here - from handbags to underwear!

11. New skyscrapers

12. They have an IFC as well!

17. A visit to Beijing would not be complete without visiting the Forbidden City. I will devote a couple of threads to this huge palace. Here is a sampler.

20. Chinese characters only

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