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some interesting projects

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The financial street always looks great! CBD needs much more highrises.

What are those builidings in the renderings? They look so futuristic!
Beijing has a lot of futuristic projects under construction
I don't know what they are
but they really exist

and some fantastic projects:

What wonderful ideas! i love seeing interesting projects for cool cities.
i am speachless, what a modern city!
Nice Beijing! Nice City!:cheers:
Edgy Beijing

Oh man! Beijing really has a lot of edgy architecture.

IMO, Beijing is the "sexiest" city in the Mainland.
Good to see how fast the progress actually is... Thx for posting.
are you sure that this project is in Beijing? you see the building in the far background on the left hand side of the picture? i think it is in Shanghai. :)

Communisim eh?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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