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Beijing: Jianwai SOHO (many pics)

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Jianwai SOHO is located in Beijing CBD area. The gross floor area is 700,000 square meters.

There are 20 high rise towers including 18 apartments and 2 office buildings. Currently, among the towers, 9 are completed, 7 are under construction and 4 are yet to start.

In addition, there are 4 SOHO villas, which are all completed. Upon completion, there will be 300 street stores, 20 rooftop gardens and 16 walking lanes. Each day, 50, 000 people will live and have all kinds of activities here.

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^ prolly just another meaningless copy :-/

the development is very nice... I remember seeing it in a HK documentary about Beijing University or something :)
zergling said:
They look awesome!
What does SOHO mean?
SOHO---Small Office Home Office
OMG!!! Those are very great and modern. Cool mini city.
Are you sure they are mostly apartments? Because they all look like office tower to me, you can tell pretty easily by their blue-greenish window light.
which of these pictures are real, which are computer renderings? I have trouble telling them apart.
hard to believe but all of them are real. they were taken by real estate company after 9 of them were finished for ad purpose.
more SOHO pcitures. these buildings will be located in the neighborhood SOHO complex.

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These new renderings are amzaing :)
I think that boxes aren't very imaginative, but at the same time i like them because they are practical and not as tacky as some of the newer skyscrapers we're seeing. Also those photos look so good anyone can mistake them as being computer renderings, but they're not , NICE!
i passes the beijing CBD area when i went to beijing last year and i think the white box buildings wre among them the CBD area looks so nice in real life
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