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Project: Leeza SOHO
Client: Soho China
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Design: Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher
Project Director: Satoshi Ohashi Associate Ed Gaskin, Armando Solano
Project Team: Kaloyan Erevinov, Philipp Ostermaier (Lead Designer); Shu Hashimoto, Christoph Klemmt, Yang Jingwen, Samson Lee, Di Ding, Xuexin Duan, Juan Liu, Dennis Brezina, Rita Lee, Seungho Yeo

Structure: Bollinger+Grohmann (Competition), CABR (SD), BIAD (DD) (CD)
Facade: KWP (SD), Kighton Façade, Yuanda (DD) (CD)
MEP: Parsons Brinkerhoff (SD), BIAD (DD) (CD)
Lighting: Light Design (SD)(DD)
Landscape: ZHA (SD)(DD), Ecoland (DD)(CD)

Site Area: 30,688m²
Gross Floor Area: 172,800m²
Above Ground: 124,000m²
Towers & Pavilions Tower: 123,740m² Pavilions: 220m²
Below Ground: 48,800m²
Height: 207m
Top of occupied floor: 190.5m (45 floors)
Floors Above Ground: 46 levels (Lobby 3900 m2, Offices 110,474 m2, MEP floors9406 m2)
Floors Below Ground: 4 levels (including 2 levels retail, 2 levels parking, and subway tunnel)
Retail: 10,000m²
Atrium Height: 191 m
Vehicular Parking: 480
Bicycle Parking: 2,680 page 17

with GT:

Baju built congratulate the winning
Lize SOHO project is located in Fengtai District of Beijing Lize quality plots financial position of the business district, located between southeast bicyclic and tricyclic, near Lize fast road, the construction of Metro Line 14 and No. 16 Lize Business District line station and the project have direct access to the underground commercial space, transportation is very convenient. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.
Total floor area: 172,000 square meters, including 124,000 square meters of floor super high-rise office building and 10,000 square meters of underground commercial parking garage and 38,000 square meters of space equipment.
Building height: 200 meters, 45 floors on the ground, underground 4 floors.
Building Solutions Designer: Pritzker Prize winner Zaha Hadid Architects things by the (British)
domestic and Design Institute: Beijing Institute of Architectural Design UFO studio
structure Adviser: China Academy of Building Research
Electromechanical Consultant: Parsons Brinckerhoff Engineering Technology (Beijing) Co. building is composed of two main features swirling ascending spiral tower enclosure nearly 200-meter-high atrium space, space environment echoes the architectural form, landscape water features around the building perimeter, bring out the architectural form of pure elegance. The overall design concept of the pursuit of sustainable development, energy conservation, rainwater harvesting, the use of natural light has fully considered. Building facades to scale formula based unit body walls, forming a flowing landscape on ice fissure-like atrium space outside walls, have a strong sense of landmarks. Nearly 200-meter-high atrium space throughout the varied floor body to form a spiraling to the sky strong shock space experience. Independent core tube first floor office entrance lobby on both sides of the car were equipped with 16 pairs of high-speed elevators can be quickly and easily connected to each floor. Floor elevator lobby are facing the atrium, each layer can appreciate the different angles atrium shared space. Lize Business District subway station platform with direct access to the project ground floor commercial space of urban underground maximize the integration of advanced concepts. Source: Report on the Building - Beijing Lize Business District - Lize SOHO / 204 m / 46 Layer / Block 1 / under construction

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omg, this tower is so amazing! and already under construction!!!
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