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Beijing Linked hybrid - MOMA project

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Beijing, China, 2003-August 2008

PROGRAM: 622 apartments, cinematheque, galleries, retail shops, 60-room hotel, kindergarten, underground parking garage

CLIENT: Modern Investment Group, Beijing
SIZE: 210,000 sm
STATUS: construction phase

Linked Hybrid

Filmic urban space; around, over and through multifaceted spatial layers, is one of the central aims of this Hybrid Building complex with over 700 apartments sited adjacent to the old city wall of Beijing. The aspiration of the developer Modern Group is for an ultra-modern expression of 21st Century ecological urban living, in this 220,000 sq. m. project.

Current development in Beijing is almost entirely “object buildings” and free standing towers. This “city within a city” envisions urban space as the central aim—as well as all the activities and programs that can support the daily life of over 2500 inhabitants: café’s, delis, laundry, dry cleaners, florists etc, line the main public passages. The eight towers are linked at the twentieth floor by a ring of cafes and services.

The polychrome architecture of Ancient China here inspires a new phenomenal dimension especially inscribing the “spatiality of the night”. The undersides of the cantilevered portions are colored membranes in night light glow. Misting fountains from the water retention basin activate the night light in colorful clouds, while the floating Cineplex centerpiece has partial images of its ongoing films projected on its undersides and reflected in the water.

Focused on the experience of passage of the body through spaces, the towers are organized to take movement, timing and sequence into consideration. The point of view changes with a slight ramp up, a slow right turn. The elevator displaces like a “jump cut” to another series of passages on a higher level, which pan across exhilarating peripheral views.

The encircled towers express a collective aspiration; rather than towers as isolated objects or private islands in an increasingly privatized city.....the hope of a new type of collective 21stcentury space in the air is inscribed. Programmatically this loop aspires to be semi-lattice-like rather than simplistically linear. We have an initial series of programs. However we hope the sky-loop and the base-loop will constantly generate random relationships, just as a modern city does.

Mass housing in china has historically been standardized and repetitive. Our hope is to break the pattern; this new vertical urban sector aspires to individuation in urban living. Hundreds of different apartment layouts in a huge variety of types will be available among the 728 living spaces constructed here. And it should be emphasized, that even if this would lead to a commercial advantage, the reason for this individuation is philosophical as well.

Digitally driven prefabricated construction of the exterior structure of the eight towers allows for “beamless” ceilings. Every apartment has two exposures with no interior hallways. Principles of Feng-Shui are followed throughout the complex, which is aimed at sustainability “LEED Gold” rating.

Landscape Concept:

Garden of Mounds
Re-using the earth excavated from the new construction, five landscape mounds are formed, each one fusing with recreational functions to be enjoyed by all. The new park is semi-public space while the use of the integrated functions is electronically controlled by the residents’ cards.

1. Mound of Childhood
Adjacent to and integrated with the kindergarten, this mound had a tunnel through it and is fenced in for child security.
Functions: Swings and Slides
Sand Box Play Area
Climbing Frame Toys

2. Mound of Adolescence
Basket Ball Court
Roller Blade and Skate Board Area
Music and TV Lounge

3. Mound of Middle Age
Coffee and Tea House (open to all)
Tai Chi Platform
Tennis Courts (2)

4. Mound of Old Age
Chess Tables and Reading Lounge
Tai Chi Platform
Exercise Machines Park

5. Mound of Infinity
Meditation Place
“5 Elements” Pavilions:



Site coverage area: 6.18 Hectare
Total Building Area: 221,000 m2 (including 58,500 m2 below grade)

Programs: Residential Apartments 130,000m2 / 650 units
Commercial and services 16,000 m2
Hotel 5,000m2 / 60 rooms
Cinematheque 3,300 m2
Kindergarten 2,700 m2
Underground Parking 870 Cars

Floor Area Ratio: 2.64
Green Ratio: 34.2%

Building Height: 66 m

Number of Floors 21 floors above grade / 2 floors below grade

Sky lounge a unique ring of bridges and public spaces at the 12-18th floor level, accessible from 3 designated lobbies and express elevators, link all 8 residential towers together. The sky lounge programs include bar, restaurant, gallery, bookstore, lounge, swimming pool, sauna, gym, spa, and shops.

Structural systems: .The main structural system for the eight towers is cast-in-place concrete. The concrete design of the building envelope includes diagonals to optimize load distribution to the ground floor level and below. In addition to the exterior concrete moment frames, concrete encased steel bracing diagonals insure required stiffness for the upper, cantilevered portions of the buildings. A cruciform plan of the shear walls is included to increase global stiffness for overturning moments as well as resisting large earthquake inertial forces

The structural framing of the bridge consists of a Pratt truss system. At the connection to the towers, base isolator is utilized to allow independent movement.

Mechanical Systems: Ground Source Heat Pump system, one of the largest in residential construction, provides most of the heating and cooling loads. It is comprised of 600 geothermal well, 100 meters deep underneath the basement foundation.

Radiant cooling and heating, displacement ventilation, exterior window shade, localized FCU and humidification, and high performance exterior building envelope together provides minimized energy consumption and maximized comfort for apartment units.

Gray water from all apartment units are recycled and reused for irrigation, toilet flushing and pond water rebalancing.

Materials: sanded and anodized aluminum panels as main cladding material
Structural glazed curtain wall with Low-E coated IGU
Painted and Perforated aluminum panels
Honed granite paving on Plaza
Exterior wood deck at pond and roof top gardens


Partner-in-Charge: Li Hu

Project Architects: Hideki Hirahara, Gong Dong, Edward Lalonde

Technical Advisor: Chris Mcvoy, Tim Bade

Project Team: Garrick Ambrose, Yenling Chen, Rodolfo Dias, James Macgillivray, Christian Beerli, Shih-I Chow, Cosimo Caggiula, Frank Cottier Christiane Deptolla, Guido Guscianna , Young Jang, Jongseo Lee, Richard Liu, Giorgos Mitroulas, Olaf Schmidt, Judith Tse, Clark Manning, Matthew Uselman, Ariane Weigner, Noah Yaffe, Liang Zhao,

Local Design Institute: Beijing Capital Engineering Architecture Design Co. LTD.

Structural Engineer: Guy Nordenson and Associates

Consulting Structural Engineers: China Academy of Building Research

Mechanical Engineer: TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik GmbH Cosentini Associates

Landscape Architects:EDAW Beijing

Curtainwall Consultant: XAC Architectural Decoration Co. LTD

Lighting Design:L'Observatoire International

part 1 :

part 2 :


– Steven Holl Architects
Steven Holl, Li Hu (design architect)
Li Hu (partner in charge)
Hideki Hirahara (project architect)
Gong Dong (project manager)
Tim Bade, Chris McVoy (technical advisor)
Garrick Ambrose, Yenling Chen, Rodolfo Dias, Guido Guscianna, Young Jang, Edward Lalonde, James MacGillivray, Matthew Uselman (project designer)
Christian Beerli, Johnna Brazier, Cosimo Caggiula, Kefei Cai, Shih-I Chow, Frank-Olivier Cottier, Christiane Deptolla, Matthew Jull, JongSeo Lee, Eric Li, Richard Liu, Clark Manning, Giorgos Mitroulias, Olaf Schmidt, Judith Tse, Li Wang, Kitty Wang, Ariane Wiegner, Noah Yaffe, Liang Zhao (project team)

local architect
– Beijing Capital Engineering Architecture Design Co. LTD

structural engineer
– Guy Nordenson and Associates

consulting structural engineer
– China Academy of Building Research

mechanical engineer
– Transsolar
– Cosentini Associates

lighting consultant
– L'Observatoire International

curtain wall consultant
– Front Inc.
– XAC Architectural Decoration Co. LTD

landscape architect
– Steven Holl Architects
– EDAW Beijing
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Great project, it's almost done! Beijing has many "hidden" projects like this one.
Thanks for the update. This is definitely one of the most anticipated residential projects!
June 8

updates for this project (

Quite odd, and a bit ugly. It turned out worse than the renderings, as well. An example that bold doesn't always equal better (with CCTV it does, this, not so much).
Quite odd, and a bit ugly. It turned out worse than the renderings, as well. An example that bold doesn't always equal better (with CCTV it does, this, not so much).
Well it doesnt fit well with the poorer neighborhood. besides, they didn't even put the paint (if there is) yet.
^^Maybe I was a bit too harsh, but I still don't think it looks good, the architecture is like public housing and while the interior may be nice, the exterior is below average.

this project is almost finished

Thank you for the update Big Dog
Compare this:

With this:

It's amazing how much difference 4 months and some coloured paint make!
good eye. even the building upfront was re-painted with red (the top and side).
Yes, the small building in front looks ok now, the removal of the large advertising board from its roof is also welcome.
This project is great, but the Chinese gov. should encourage developers to build affordable and ecofriendly houses for the masses as well.

This project is finished, but looks not as good as the renderings.

This project is finished, but looks not as good as the renderings.

maybe. you will note that renderings have ALL the windows lit - maybe a night photo will do more justice:eek:hno:
I think it is not a great looking complex but it has a character. it looks different for sure and adds smt to the city. All in all, I like it.
I like it I think during the night and also when the small pond between the blocks is developed further it would look good
Also like most chinese buildings once the surronding gets developed with further good looking buildings it is going to stand out with the pond and the bridges. it will look good .Right now nothing adds to th ebeauty of the building but it is not a bad construction
great innovative item in despite of unobtrusive
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