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BEIJING | Pangu Plaza | 192m | 39 fl | Com

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Name of project: Pangu Plaza 盤古大觀 (former name: Morgan Centre)
(Pangu is a figure in a Chinese myth who separated heaven and earth)
Location: beside “Water Cube” and “Bird Nest”, Olympic zone, Beijing
Height: 191.65m (office tower: 4.6m per storey)
Floor count: 39 above ground, 5 under ground
Utility: office space, apartments, hotel, shopping, club
Architect: Li Zuyuan, Taiwan (architect of Taipei 101)
Implied meaning of external form: a dragon (head, trunk and tail) (NOT AN OLYMPIC TORCH, AS MOST OF YOU MAY HAVE THOUHT IT TO BE! )
Other: 1. Seven huge LED screens on wall, 3400 square metres in all. The biggest one, as well as China's biggest, is 900 square metres. They will present live broadcast of the Olympic Games in August.
2. white granite wall, made of high-quality stones from China's Shandong Province.










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The roof is quite ugly. I saw it in person.
Interesting design. Saw it in the stadium thread. Hard to believe there wasn't a thread about it
The top is weird but a nice project overall. :D
i really love this design
very oriental detailed but not too much
plz pay attention to those amazing detail before u judge
just weired. weired.
Sorry but I'm not really a fan of this. The low rise buildings look like commieblocks and the highrise, just plain ugly :(
LOL, looking at the name, I thought the project is dedicated to SSC's very own Pangu.

Aside the uniquely shaped roof of the tallest tower, though, I don't really like it. Too boxy.
this building is absolutely mental, it looks like a design by 5 yr old kid. Corney and shameless, utterly disgraceful. I wish the talentless designer burn in hell
It might look a bit tacky, but in general I think it's great if architects include some local elements.

It would be a shame if skylines all over the world would have the same 'westernized' look and you couldn't tell whether you are in Europe or Asia anymore when looking at the buildings in a city.
this building is absolutely mental, it looks like a design by 5 yr old kid. Corney and shameless, utterly disgraceful.
Agree, within a few years this design will be outdated....

An eyesore!
I thought the tallest tower would be a complete box, but instead, they put the dragon shape on top of it. This is stupid.

from laogao,

this building looks good in fireworks

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top look like gun.
It' great at night!
Interesting. That's got to be the strangest roof I've ever seen on a skyscraper.
yes, really strange top, but i like's something new :)

and btw....ROT-Thread done already since the project seems to be very completed, at least the exterior:
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