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Why not red and yellow like its flag? I really don't like the last four. They look like coaches. They even have curtains! How tacky...

¡Viva el metro!
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Yellow, like oriental people!

Just joking...

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Beijing Delays Airport Link

Beijing delays start of construction work for airport rail link - report
21 June 2005

BEIJING (AFX) - Beijing has delayed the start of initial construction work on a five bln yuan rail link between its airport and the city center, the Financial Times reported.

The link is one of the most high-profile projects planned as part of the Chinese capital's preparations to host the 2008 Olympic Games.

The newspaper, citing municipal officials, said the company responsible for the 27km line had intended to begin work at its terminus in Beijing's Dongzhimen area on June 1, but could not because China's powerful National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) had yet to approve the project.

The delay highlights the uncertainty that continues to cloud the airport link just three years before it is scheduled to open, the paper said.

The paper said project planners had decided to start construction in spite of the lack of any formal decision about what kind of rail system it will use, a situation industry executives said would be highly unusual in other countries.

Beijing was originally expected to choose in early 2004 between a conventional subway system, a light railway or magnetic levitation trains powered by linear motor.

More than a year later, international companies interested in supplying the rail systems are still waiting for news.

However, a city official said Beijing Dongzhimen Airport Express Rail, the company set up by the city in July 2001 to build and operate the line, planned to use wheeled subway trains with a linear propulsion system similar to that adopted by the southern city of Guangzhou.

The paper said officials said that following the start of initial construction at Dongzhimen the site of a planned new Beijing city transport hub work along the airport line route was scheduled to start in September.

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