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BEIRUT | Le Bureau | 11 fl | U/C

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Le Bureau
Achrafieh - Beirut, Lebanon

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Strategically located mere moments away from Central Beirut, in Mathaf – Achrafieh. The Bureau offers the ambitious businessman that feeling of grandeur, poise and dignity he strives for. At 11 floors-high and with 3 showrooms on the ground floor, these state-of- the-art 800m2 premium commercial and office spaces don’t just offer magnificent views overlooking the historical National Museum and the famous Beirut horse-riding racetrack. They offer versatile areas and inspiration, bringing out your competitive spirit ,pushing you on top of the race and ensuring success at your feet.

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Really interesting-looking tower. Too bad it's not taller, it would look even better!
I like the way how the floors are 'hidden' from view. Impossible to count.
I don't believe in that large trees in buildings. Trees have roots and therefore need the floor below for that.
Courtesy of development h

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I wonder if it will really have palm trees..
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