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Beirut Waterfront District - Phase II

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Since it is obvious that construction will begin and road construction will start soon, I thought creating this thread for the second phase of Solidere's development is the right time.

We can clearly see the urban planning of phase II has started in this picture
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Its a shame they will be removing BEIL from the reclaimed area.
So what's the 2nd phase??
that recliamed area is the second phase.
I wonder if Sky Bar would stay there or relocate somewhere else!
well if its located at beil... then yeah it would have to move.
goshhhhhhhh we need more trees more green color!!!!!!!!!!!!! and more red roofs :(
So no new projects that we dont know about will be launched in the second phase?
^^ is there second phase projects that we know about ????????
Most of the land plots have been sold. No projects announced..however I would assume that they will not keep it a desert and will have a fixed amount of time to start work..that time starts with the completion of the infrastruction and the handing over of plots....We may get more info on the next annual report..i think any day now since the annual shareholder meeting is today.
is the royal pavilion also gonna be removed??
Taken on July 11.
Looks like they are building something near the marina!

^^ Isn't this the Town Quay project?
We can't really tell which angle this is..
I think it is the "yacht club" portion..and it looks like they are above ground
Rabih is right, those two cranes belongs to the town quay
Here's an aerial picture that shows the the foundation is done!
courtesy of bloggingbeirut
According to the new annual report this area will see towers of 140-220 meters. Thats about 60/65 stories. Thats much higher than Phoenican Village and dble the height of Platinum
From the Solidere Annual Report 08

the Town Quay

we can see more cranes if you look closely in this picture
courtesy of timonysuede
This land would have been perfect for a supertall and some skyscrapers around it:)
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