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Belarus, March 2006

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This wasn`t my first visit to Belarus. This time I visited capital city Minsk, Gomel city and Gomel region in the south east of the country. I haven`t much time for photograpghy though...

OSCE/ODIHR election observation mission HQ in hotel Belarus - highest building in the center of Minsk

Svisloch river and Sports Palace

Hotel district - hotels "Yubileinaja" and "Planeta"

Hotel Belarus from Hotel Yubileinaja

Poster "For "Belarus" - this administrative campaign started in autumn 2004, unofficially promoting leader of the country

Typical voter information point in the countryside

Typical "back to USSR" information stand

Rogachov town, Gomel region

Rogachov, local power centre and territorial election commission, I experienced some brainwashing there during election night and met Olympic champion (1972 Munich) Nikolay Gorbachev

Candidates, not in alphabetic order, opposition candidate is in the far right side

Odd entrance into the polling station; signs "bar", "toilet", "wardrobe"

Polling station in the quiet countryside, it`s not allowed to take any photos inside

Soviet style fast-food eatery

Commieblock for everyone

Lenin kolkhoz

Each town and village has a club of its own - this was a brand new one

Authoritarian leader himself

Day after, City of Gomel (2nd biggest in Belarus)

Milinkevich - opposition leader

Ministry of Information and Ministry of Culture

Central Minsk, view from hotel Belarus - Afghanistan memorial, Old Town (that`s what`s left from it after the WW2), Palace of the Republic, October square and presidential residence - all in one

Tent city in the October square - first hours of 80 hour long protest

Founder of the KGB - Felix Dzerzhinsky - there are hundreds and hundreds of Dzerzhinsky and Lenin monuments throughout Belarus

Luka loyalist government and puppet parliament HQ in the (Soviet Belarus) Independence square

Minsk City council in the same square, square itself and underground mall is under construction now

Heart of the Old town

Hotel Belarus and Svisloch river from the Old Town

Central Election commission HQ - police officers ordered to erase this photo...

Typical grand Stalinistic architecture from the 1950s, two central streets of Minsk are monuments to Soviet 1930-1960 monumentalism

Tent city

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Yes, we need information up-to-date about Belarus
wow Belarus really need reconstruction especially Minsk !
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