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Belem Tower | Sefton Park | Tower Block Refurbishment | 11 Storeys

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So things may finally be moving forward at Belem Tower, so I thought it should have its own thread. After standing in a vandalised, semi-derelict state for many years, towards the end of last year new hoardings were erected around the site, as seen in this photo from back then -

At the same time a new website for the development appeared at (worth visiting for the photos taken from the roof of the park and beyond).

Since then, other than the obligatory security guard on-site, there has been little to report, other than an occasional visit to the site by men in suits standing next to a fancy car looking over paperwork.

However today I noticed this new, what I assume will be a sales office, has appeared, and the railings in front are being painted black -

The hoardings have stated since they went up that Phase 1 has already sold-out, so hopefully the new sales office will give Phase 2 a shot in the arm, so things can get moving here, as I think its fair to say, it is beyond argument that it is currently a blot on the landscape -
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As expected, the Portakabin that appeared is indeed a sales office. Also note the 'sold' signs that have appeared on some of the balconies -
From Place North West -
Sale success for Belem Tower

Belem Tower, the 11-storey apartment block in Sefton Park, saw a successful launch on its opening weekend with 31 of its 63 apartments sold.

Residential Regeneration owns the building, which is currently undergoing a major refurbishment by holding company Belem Developments. Works are due to complete in October. IPS Invest is marketing the scheme.

The block includes 63 one- and two-bed apartments, many with views of Sefton Park, Liverpool city centre and Wales.
Article contiues here -

Good news, although they're going to have to get a move on if they want this done by October, as there is currently nothing happening on-site. Meanwhile over on the other side of the park, Merebank Court will have been on-site for 9/10 months if it completes on schedule, and that block was in significantly better condition than Belem Tower at the start.
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I was just reading on the council's website, that the land to the rear of Belem Tower, which far from being a small green field surrounded by trees, as in the above render, is actually a concrete car park with weeds coming through, has been sold to Bellerive School. It is their intention to construct a four-storey teaching block, primarily for sixth form use, which should begin construction in the autumn, completing a year later. The original plans called for this site to be developed as an apartment block, so maybe the delay has delivered some good as I think the new proposals are a better use of the land. Hopefully then in about 16 months time we'll have the whole of what is a very untidy site sorted, and back into productive use.
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Belem Tower, now on-site -

I have a slight professional interest in this scheme and its outcome. It's good to see work beginning.

I don't know Liverpool that well - is this a good spot to set up home?
Definitely! Not only views across Sefton Park, but the top floors have fantastic views of the city centre too.
Hi Goldie, I agree about the scheme bringing a sorely-needed new lease of life to a blot on the landscape.

In answer to your question about the location being a good one to set up home, I'd say largely yes. You're right next to Sefton Park which is an amazing green space and one which sees a multitude of activities and events staged throughout the year, as well as just being nice for a walk or a jog on quieter days. There's also the hipster honeytrap of Lark Lane just a short walk away, which is full of restaurants, cafes and interesting shops perfect for a weekend's browsing.

On the other hand, this corner of Sefton Park is still quite close to areas of profound deprivation, such as Toxteth, just the other end of Ullet Road. I for one, whilst not having ever felt "threatened" walking round there after dark, would say there are definitely safer areas of the city at night. Also, although you have Lark Lane close by, I'm struggling to think if there's a "corner shop" type offering closer than 6 or 7 minutes walk away - but someone with a bit more local knowledge might be able to correct me on that.
The petrol station on ullet is 24 hours
I knew there was something I'd missed. Unfortunately it's probably the least interesting one, never mind. The show apartment is now open on the first floor showing the future luxury that can be expected, you know, like fully glazed windows -

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I took a look at the show apartment here a few days ago; a two bed ( £144k). My honest opinion on it was that you would, clearly, be paying for the location; and for the windows - which are large and attractive.

The living area is really quite small - with, almost, a galley kitchen adjoining the sitting room - open-plan style. You would be hard-pressed to get a table in comfortably, anywhere. The two bedrooms are of reasonable size, but have absolutely no built-in storage; likewise there is no storage - at all - in the rest of the apartment ( except for kitchen cupboards).

The two beds on the top floors cost £250K - for exactly the same spec. You really are paying all of that extra money ( 100K) for the views, alone......

However, for a single person, or a couple, who could use the second bedroom as storage/spare room/office space, then it may be worth it. But for £ 250K - you could have a house near to Sefton Park with three bedrooms and more outdoor space.

Oh yes, forgot to mention the reason for the hold-up is asbestos - which has to be safely removed.
Not much work seems to be going on at Belem Tower. Does anyone know when the true completion date will be?
Not sure. There was work going on in the show flat last night though.
Passed here at the weekend. Still little progress, does anyone know the cause of the delay? I thought they would be complete by now!
i see see staff in the marketing suite recently, so i guess they are just trying to get enough sales to make a start feasible.
I was told some months ago - last year in fact, that asbestos had to be removed. But even given that it is still taking an eternity, with little sign of that job being done, either.
There has actually been more progress on this development in the last couple of weeks, than there has been in many months.

Overview showing various windows have now been removed -

Closer view showing ripping out works on the ground floor have been so extensive so as to be able to see straight through the building -

More recently removed windows, along with the show flat, completed a few months ago, on the first floor -

Works on-going around the other side, as seen from the park perimiter road -

It's a slow-burner no doubt. But I'm actually less concerned about it not happening, and more inclined to actually call it as being properly on-site, than at any point since the first whisper of a refurbishment came about.
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