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BELFAST | 65 - 67 Dublin Road (The Gallery) | 32m | Complete

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Developer: The Richland Group
Architect: A.S. Whiteman Architects
Contractor: May Estates
Floor space: 66 apartments / 39,290 ft2
Height: 32m
Cost: £4m

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I've just noticed that they've wisely opted to include uniform window roller blinds. So thankfully no mishmash like Obel
Great to see this finally get going! Hopefully we see more development of similar scale along this road into the future, would really improve the density of the area.
This little area could look pretty decent if something was done with Fanum House too
Piling rig is now onsite.
Piling rig is now onsite.
Great news that work is underway.

The first newbuild city centre apartments since the crash?
Great news that work is underway.

The first newbuild city centre apartments since the crash?
I think so, yeah. The last ones were St Anne's Square.
I see there is a crane up this week, hoping it goes up fairly quickly.
Now renamed 'The Gallery', the website for the development has been launched.

Flats priced from £115,000 and due to be completed Autumn 2016.
Aye I noticed that, I'll change the thread title shortly.

Belfast Gary has put some snaps on Twitter

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How long before Filthy McNasty loses it's licence from residents complaining about the noise. Ministry of Sound came close to it and they don't even play music outside
Should be far enough down the street from it not to be too big an issue? If people can manage to sleep in the ETAP hotel it can't be that bad!
I'd imagine the first time buyers, and renters these apartments are aimed at, are likely to be the ones in Filthy McNastys.
1 - 20 of 111 Posts
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