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BELFAST | 65 - 67 Dublin Road (The Gallery) | 32m | Complete

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Developer: The Richland Group
Architect: A.S. Whiteman Architects
Contractor: May Estates
Floor space: 66 apartments / 39,290 ft2
Height: 32m
Cost: £4m

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It's quite interesting to see another forum on a similar issue. It's also interesting to see the tone is very different, a lot more cynical I feel but YMMV.

Nonetheless there's some interesting home truths there and in the other threads. Though the small studios aren't a million miles away from the London-ilk, and are positively palatial compared to Japanese ones. As a long term home yeah not great, but as a pad for 2-3 years it'll be grand. It's not particularly thinner than you see a lot of semi-detached houses are (admittedly they at least have two storeys), but they do look quite long and that may help.
I saw this on another site, aparrently these flats are going to be crap
I'm as socialist as they come so I do feel for the poor ratio of quality to price. Indeed as you say it is almost borderline evil the way homes are created with materials and decisions that make the lives of those within, at worst, miserable, and at best fraught with noisy neighbours or build quality issues to put a few grey hairs on your heard/chin; all while oodles of money gets siphoned away.

I think those flats look huge compared to one I lived in in Japan. I think you won't go full Jack Nicholson for living in them. The solid walls are a huge plus. It'll be interesting to see what the prices will be. They are rather high. The maintenance fee will be the proof in the pudding (one side effect of life away from English... I feck up sayings all the time.. think "is this right? Alcoves?" :p)

We seem to know the appalling Obel, but nearby the St Anne's Square building seems very solid and sound; a few standard kitchen units notwithstanding.

And bizarre as it is to say this, I do hope these do 'well' because otherwise we'll NEVER see the LAnyon Plaza apartment cubes started let alone finished.

Council houses should never have been allowed to be sold off. There should have been a 1in, 1 out policy. Those homes, high quality or otherwise, got the bubble started. Instead they've been sold in the Right TO Buy... and then they're sold from under those 'empowered' owners to be demolished and turned into ridiculously £££ flats... Have a look/watch at this BBC film about it in London this year...

The Estate We're In (iPlayer)
(TL;DW - Guardinista article)
I noticed they said the market has moved on "7 to 10%" in the last year.
Aside form teh inflation busting and Bubble-ish enormity of that, it gels with what I noitced recently when looking at house prices again after a year - houses that would have been 120 (125 at best) a year ago are now 140! As a house owner, er, brilliant I guess {said in Mr Burns voice} but very worrying I feel... especially with another stock market crash brewing
Also as a data point, 2 years ago those same houses (or very similar ones) were also 120-125.

So there wasn't any growth really in 2014-2015, but it seems to have taken off this year.

-Quay Gate - 90/100k apartments are now 120 (and forgetting that if the masterplan goes well there'll be a apartment building in front of it robbing it of its cityscape views...)

I'd say for NI 10% is too high given most of us haven't had a similar increase in wages (and those with children have just lost a lot due to Governemnt working benefit cuts).

The estate agents are bloody smug about it all though I bet.

[Back on topic]
The apartments, despite their bemoaned sizes, sound quite 'futuristic' with their heating and ventilation systems which will help them feel better to live in. Should also avoid having a boiler stuffed unceremoniously into a storage space taking up space.

Also I kinda like the Tokyo-esque proportions. I survived (and didn't become totally unhinged) living in a very small aparto that was even smaller than these ones.

I wonder if they all have parking spaces?
That's definitely futuristic in its own right.

I'd find it fairly hard though without a car.
Exposed breeze blocks are SO 2008
Out of curiosity I had a look at the reviews for it, which are surprising if only for their lack of complaints about the noise from the neighbouring Filthy McNasty's.

Now The Gallery's exterior has been finished, does anyone know how long will the interiors take before they're finished too?
Ahh.. makes that Movie house demolition plan even more of a negative impact on the area... Marvellous!
Parking can be arranged with the Dublin Road multi-storey.
They could do a combo multiplier of money making by outfitting each car park with a wood pellet burner! Keeps your car roasty toasty! No more cold steering wheel or seat belts!


Note: May enrich greedy owners at expense of everybody
Sad news, and remarkable how such personal events and tragedies/upheavals can have an effect on the city

Hopefully it can return in some form or other, it always seemed like a classy (maybe I mean authentic?) joint compared to the other nearby places.
Yes, that was the best chinese restaurant in the area. From what i have heard, of the man who ran it, his wife passed away and he unfortunately is ill.
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In a similar vein, Hudson's recent turn is all down to one simple, family related, change.

I guess it is a good sign in a way that these aren't some global-mega-chains that can just parachute in people to take over, and instead proof they were run by locals.

Sadly it looks like with the Dublin Road as a whole will be far less welcome to local owners than globalism forces - We've already got the prerequisite Nando's, Weatherspoons, and Tesco who can weather a family loss.

It'll be fascinating to see any gentrification set in Belfast - many still feel it has that underdog quality, but sadly in those glitzy consultations, it simply is a naive way to view a cash cow that has "growth opportunities" (in sales of brown envelopes).

I can't wait for the scandal* to be exposed in a few years - it's just a shame such harm and loss will take place in the meantime, and all the while we lose places like the All Seasons.

The new cafe looks good, but we've seen a lot of closures of artisan cafes and replacement with Caffe Nero or Starbucks - it'll be interesting to see how long it can survive, given you're removing reasons like the cinema to hang around the area and not drink alcohol...

*(It would be interesting if it turns out we know people who were involved in it, or were well aware of what was going on...)
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