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BELFAST | 65 - 67 Dublin Road (The Gallery) | 32m | Complete

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Developer: The Richland Group
Architect: A.S. Whiteman Architects
Contractor: May Estates
Floor space: 66 apartments / 39,290 ft2
Height: 32m
Cost: £4m

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If I remember correctly that was originally left clear, along with Bankmore Square, and a strip all the way along Ormeau Ave and along behind the Gasworks because it was originally earmarked for the "Belfast Urban Motorway" (would have made a nice acronym ;) ) back in the 60s.

As far as I know that project was killed off many many years ago, but I'm not sure why this land was never built on.

Edit: yup I do remember correctly:
Bruce street needs developed, especially the south side which is all carpark
Not exactly selling like hot cakes. Not surprised given the lack of parking spaces.
One month 0n :

20 sold & occupied = 34%
26 reserved = 45%
12 available = 21%
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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