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BELFAST | 65 - 67 Dublin Road (The Gallery) | 32m | Complete

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Developer: The Richland Group
Architect: A.S. Whiteman Architects
Contractor: May Estates
Floor space: 66 apartments / 39,290 ft2
Height: 32m
Cost: £4m

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I've just noticed that they've wisely opted to include uniform window roller blinds. So thankfully no mishmash like Obel
Piling rig is now onsite.
Aye I noticed that, I'll change the thread title shortly.

Belfast Gary has put some snaps on Twitter

They're tiny, although I always knew they would be. These are being marketed at buy-to-let investors and I know there's been significant interest from Britain.

I know of one couple that placed a reserve deposit but have now found something more spacious in Belfast CC, they lost the deposit but didn't care as they were tiny.

The finish inside may be good quality but they are small apartments, they're more like studio apartments. Not necessarily a bad thing as it'll suit some people but too small for me personally.
I saw this on another site, aparrently these flats are going to be crap

Even better, this was written by the planning service on the application:
"The supporting statement for the application refers to the proposal being a 'high quality property'. It is considered that the proposed finishes, entrance to the apartments and size of the apartments will not result in a high quality product. Design unit commented that the entrance to the apartments does not appear to comply with universal accessibility requirements white the apartment sizes 'barely make the grade as hotel bedrooms."

Jesus wept
I don't think you can determine if they're substandard just yet. They're small yes but that doesn't make them substandard. They'll appeal to some people and the final finish might be very good.

The internal walls are solid which is unusual for more modern apartments as they're generally plasterboard walls with shockingly poor acoustics.
House price growth is good, when it's moderate. Our last bubble was unsustainable and property and land were grossly over-priced.

Sustainable house price recovery is good for the local economy as it pulls people out of negative equity and restores much needed consumer confidence.
Nope, more bike spaces, 60 with a dedicated bike lift, than car parking spaces. There's a few, most likely for maintenance and the retail unit manager.

If you buy an apartment you also get a voucher to buy a bike from Chain Reaction. there's also a ground floor storage area with secure lockers for residents to store things
I wonder if they all have parking spaces?
Might not be a bad thing, bright white may have been a bit too overbearing.
Looks a little creamier coloured than the renders suggested.
More of the wrap being removed..

They're nice rental options. They're a very high spec with lots of nice technology and features like filtered air, storage lockers and discounted bikes for residents.

It'll serve a particular market, I don't think they're meant to be long term homes. More people in the city centre is a bonus as well.

Depends on how they've treated the exterior. If they've opted for something like K-Rend then it should hold up pretty well and stay tidy.
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Yeah the exterior finish in that section will be different to the white render. It'll be a dark grey material and some wood panelling to the front.
In fairness their Belfast hotel is probably one of their nicer properties, ETAP's generally look absolutely hideous.
Building on that site is difficult as part of it was used to tunnel for the Belfast Sewers Project. Not all of that site may be suitable for buildings. I'd say it'll be a car park for a while yet.
Dublin Road is a perfect location for mid-rise. I imagine the adjacent buildings will be redeveloped in time. The improved density will help connect the city centre with the University area in a much more coherent fashion. Next big project is Shaftesbury Sq.
Parking can be arranged with the Dublin Road multi-storey.

The apartments are overpriced though IMO

Not exactly selling like hot cakes. Not surprised given the lack of parking spaces.

At first glance I thought this was the corner facing the Gallery. Does anyone know what the plans are for it. Hopefully it wont be on the market as well in the same state for 20k.
There's an approved application to replace the building that sat on that site. They possibly haven't moved forward yet as the extra space was likely beneficial for the development of The Gallery.
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