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BELFAST | 65 - 67 Dublin Road (The Gallery) | 32m | Complete

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Developer: The Richland Group
Architect: A.S. Whiteman Architects
Contractor: May Estates
Floor space: 66 apartments / 39,290 ft2
Height: 32m
Cost: £4m

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Yes, hopefully district heating makes a comeback! Was at a meeting in England hearing the very early plans for areas to develop such systems. They made comparisons with European cities where district heating is the norm. Basically after the 70's oil shock they noted that Europe went for energy efficiency and communal systems, whereas the UK went all in for the North Sea oil... I guess it was a little short sighted now that production is falling!
Scaffolding beginning to come down on this, but only at the side thus far. Looks a little creamier coloured than the renders suggested.

by hypnotoad24, on Flickr
Might not be a bad thing, bright white may have been a bit too overbearing.
Looks a little creamier coloured than the renders suggested.
Still absolutely no progress at all on the front of the building, but some of the rear is now complete.

by hypnotoad24, on Flickr
More scaffolding down.... apart from at the front of course. What a lovely view that isn't as you head down Dublin Road.

by hypnotoad24, on Flickr
Exposed breeze blocks are SO 2008
Yikes, couldn't they even just paint them cream?
Due to be rendered surely.
Yikes, couldn't they even just paint them cream?
I'm sure it's going to be painted like the rest of the wall! Maybe they ran out of paint? lol
More of the wrap being removed..

A lot more of the wrap gone now.

by hypnotoad24, on Flickr

by hypnotoad24, on Flickr

by hypnotoad24, on Flickr

by hypnotoad24, on Flickr
Almost all of the scaffolding gone now.

by hypnotoad24, on Flickr
looks like very cramped living. Probably perfect if you own nothing in the way of possessions.
They're nice rental options. They're a very high spec with lots of nice technology and features like filtered air, storage lockers and discounted bikes for residents.

It'll serve a particular market, I don't think they're meant to be long term homes. More people in the city centre is a bonus as well.
How many apartments is there?
Looks good from the front actually, quite like the renders. A friend of mine got one of the apartments so will have to check out the inside!
There's 58 apartments, all of them one bedroom apart from the top two floors, where some of them are two bedroom. Each window at the front represents one apartment, so they are fairly long, but narrow.
How many apartments is there?
Looks good, and they're probably exactly the kind of apartments you need right on the Dublin Road. Though it won't take longer than this winter for those sides to get noticeably grubby having pretty much total exposure to the elements.

Depends on how they've treated the exterior. If they've opted for something like K-Rend then it should hold up pretty well and stay tidy.
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Seems to be a layer of wood? going on the bottom floors before applying the finish.

by hypnotoad24, on Flickr

by hypnotoad24, on Flickr
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