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Titanic Quarter is a landmark development in Queens Island in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Built on now disused and long derelic land, once belonging to the mighty Harland and Wolff shipyard. Titanic Quarter is located on the site where the world famous ship was designed, built and launched. It's Belfast's attempt to reclaim its memory and built a new legacy for the city in the form of a new thriving community and city quarter.

It's the largest waterfront development in Europe.


1 million sqft mixed-use development adjacent to the Odyssey Arena and Pavilion. Phase 1 encompasses the ‘the Arc' residential complex, designed by award winning architects Robinson McIlwaine, Gateway Offices by award winning Todd Architects, hotel, retail and leisure opportunities.
This phase also includes a new third level education campus for Belfast Metropolitan College, designed by Todd Architects and the new HQ of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.

The new Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

The new Belfast Metropolitan College campus


3.3 million sqft high mixed-use development offering residential, commercial, retail and leisure facilities. At the heart of this Phase will be the Titanic Signature Project, the former Harland & Wolff headquarters building and the RMS Titanic and RMS Olympic slipways which will form a world-class visitor destination.

· 37,000 sq m for business / employment use
· 200,000 sq m extension of ARC to north of Abercorn Basin
· 11,300 sq m for tourism including - Titanic Signature Project
· 23,000 sq m for leisure facilities including hotels, conference facilities, restaurants, bars, cafes and sports facilities
· Refurbishment of the former H&W HQ into a 4-star hotel

· Creation of Titanic Boulevard
· New Dee Street bridge over Sydenham By-pass
· Adoption of the rest of Sydenham Rd inc. landscaping
· Landscaped squares around the former H&W HQ
· Refurbishment of Hamilton Graving Dock to allow mooring of the Nomadic
· New dock walls to north and west of Abercorn Basin
· Creation of marina in Abercorn Basin
· Public walkways and cycle routes around Abercorn Basin


The Titanic Project is located to the north of Abercorn Basin, running the full east-west depth of the site. It is amongst a trio of heritage, leisure and culture buildings:

1. Refurbished Harland & Wolff administration and drawing block
2. Queen’s Island Wharf complex
3. Titanic Experience (also known as the signature project).

The crystalline Titanic Experience building is shaped as a white star (after the shipping company - White Star Line).
It will house a flying IMAX theatre where viewers are suspended in the air. A 50m scale model of the Titanic, a maritime museum and events facilities

The building will face the huge 80 x 300m slipways of Titanic and Olympic to highlight the vast scale of the ship.

The slipways together will create a city-scaled, public open space, which also acts as a place of remembrance.


These phases are currently at conceptual design stage.








Full Credit goes to for the images.

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great project! looks like a city within itself - great stuff

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Nice architecture, they should make it look a little more 1912 if they want to capitalize of the Titanic mystique though.

That would look cheap and fake though. Remember the area was a shipyard previously, not a city district.

The Harland & Wolff Headquarters and Drawing Room are all being kept and will be integral to the history and heritage of the area. That's in addition to restored docks, slipways and pumphouse.

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Is there anything historic left in the area?
Not a huge amount, the site was mainly warehouses and factories before clearance.
The Harland and Wolff Drawing Offices remain and will I think be converted into a luxury hotel.
We are also refurbishing a dock that will house the restored SS Nomadic, the ship that ferried First Class passenger to Titanic in Cherbourg. That's under way now, it's they only surviving White Star Line ship in existence.

The Thompson Pumping House and Dry dock will be restored, this is where Titanic and her sisters were fitted out before sea trials.

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wow, awesome overall. and so very different looking than when i was there 4 years ago. i don't like all of the architecture...some is too cookie-cutter "modern." some of it is extremely awesome though. i do think it would've been nice to see some retro-victorian or neo-classical structures built...instead of the cheap cookie cutter modern stuff.


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Construction Update 26-08-09

Photos courtesy of SSC User G2Gap

New 'ARC' Hotel

Curtain walling has stared, it seems to have a smooth finish. The ARC apartments are to the left.


Work is progressing well along the new quayside with the new promenade being installed along with paving and new lights outside the ground level commercial units.

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