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BELGRADE | Napred Tower | 130m | 33 fl | Pro

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Napred Tower - Belgrade, Serbia

probably - 130m
probably - 33 fl

Parallel with project in block 41, “Napred” is looking to develop another exclusive piece of land in New Belgrade. This land lot is in block 26, recumbent to the recently opened Napred/Grawe office block. For architectural solution they went with reputable Austrian studio “Driendl Architects” which envisaged a large tower with almost 40 floors of combined functionality. It is very interesting architectural solution fitting in the future concept of block 26 as central business district of New Belgrade. Just like the project in block 41, this one is also waiting for the investment partner. Although financial crisis hit hard the entire sector, the exclusiveness of the location and advanced architectural solutions are undoubting advantages in a search of suited investor for this venture.

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So Napred will demolish this office building they've built on that spot to make room for the tower?

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^^ :D
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