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Bengaluru - Hassan - Mangaluru Rail Road | 354kms BG Line | U/C

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Exclusive thread to track Bangalore-Hassan-Mangalore Rail Road Developments, News and Discussions :cheers:

History of Hassan - Mangalore 188klm Rail Road

The line from Hassan to Mangalore was originally built as a Metre Gauge line - and was opened in bits and pieces between 1976 and 1977. The line was closed for Gauge Conversion on September 20, 1996. The ghat section between Sakleshpur and Subrahmanya was, and is, considered a challenging section. The gauge conversion of this section has handed over to a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) formed for the purpose - the Hassan Mangalore Rail Development Company Limited (HMRDC). The company has the Government of Karnataka and the Railway Ministry as majority stake holders, while Mangalore Port trust and a couple of other bodies too as minority stake holders.

The Gauge conversion took a very long time, and is marked in red-letters in the Indian Railway's history. Although the first bit after conversion was opened in January 1998, the rest of the works took forever to complete. The first section to be opened was Hassan-Sakleshpur, a distance of about 42kms, in a 1 in 100 terrain. The next "bit" to be opened was between Mangalore and Kabakaputtur, a distance of about 44 kms, another 1 in 100 terrain. The section was opened in December 2003. Another bit of line from Kabakaputtur to Subrahmanya Road, 42 kms in distance, 1 in 100 terrain, was opened in July 2005. The big fish took long to come - the Sakleshpur-Subrahmanya section. This section, 55 kms in length, is a ghat section with 1 in 55 grades all along. This section was opened in May 2006 for freight services, and December 2007 for passenger operations.

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few important articles of this line

Sakleshpur-Subramanya Road track certified safe for passenger services
April 14, 2007

The 55-km stretch passes through Western Ghats terrain
Passenger trains can run at maximum speed of 30 km an hour

BANGALORE: A picturesque stretch of the Western Ghats is being opened up by the Railways for passenger travel after a long wait of 13 years.

The Commissioner of Railway Safety (Southern Region) has certified the track between Sakleshpur in Hassan district and Subramanya Road in Dakshina Kannada district safe for passenger trains. The Hassan-Sakleshpur-Mangalore line will now add to the State's passenger train network. The 55-km stretch, passing through undulating terrain in the Western Ghats, posed many challenges during construction of the new broad-gauge line.

In his authorisation dated April 12, Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety Pranab Kumar Sen said he had inspected the stretch on April 10 and 11.

read more:-
few important posts

i am going to post HMRDC SWR agreement document(selected) just see who has derailed the plp of KA



few important posts

Rights of SWR under this Agreement

just see the highlighted para :bash:

O&M Agreement full :-

who is responsible/accountable to KA plp for the mess..........................
few important posts

@MysoreOne: Thanks for posting this. Quoting one more relevant piece from O&M agreement-

Putting down some points. Mainly referring to the slide on line capacity:

1st question- Is this equal to the no. of trains per week during MG time? From what some of u recollect, it shud be more (Can someone verify? I am also trying to find out)

2nd Question: What is /MT/LE/CLE?

It appears that this is how SWR is claiming that they have 14 train slots per day & that they can run only 3 pax trains & remaining 11 for goods. Tallying with (a) & (b) above:
3 pax train movements/day*30 days = 90/month
11 goods train movements/day *30 days=330/month

Now, come to what is the minimum pax train reqt from MAJN to Hassan? According to me, minimum is this:
- 2 daily trains b/w MAJN and SBC/MYS (one day & one night train from both directions) = 4 movements/ day = 120 movements /month
- 1 daily train b/w MAJN and Hubli (both directions) = 2 movements/day = 60 movements/month

So, total 6 pax train movements/day in critical block = 180/month......(c)
Now, available capacity for goods will be: 510-180=330 per month......(d)
80% efficiency=264 trains/month=~9 trains/day .............................(e)

Next, see freight movement data on their website for 2011-12 (FY 12-13 & 13-14 is not avl) :

Annual tonnage carried in year 11-12 = 3.27 mt
Avg no. of goods train movements per month in 11-12 for above tonnage = 100 trains/month

Traffic forecast (potential) for freight = 6mt per annum (as per the agreement)..............(f)
Simple extrapolation => ~200 goods trains/month will have to be moved to realise freight potential........(g)
Available capacity for goods movement after 6 pax trains/day = 264/month [from (e)]

So theoretically: Even after exploiting full freight potential, there is space to run one more pair of pax train! Total = 4 pairs
Now the million dollar question is- “where is the problem, who is the bottleneck?"
few important posts

Seeing thru the above data & docs, I don't think there should be a problem to accomodate atleast 2 more passenger trains. If that means a strain on the system, let it be. It is not new to India anyways.

Where has the buck stopped now?

Check 1: People have been asking for MAJN-HSN trains from SWR. As per provisions in HMRDC agreement, has SWR sent a letter to HMRDC with a request to start more pax services ? (Note: I am conservatively assuming SWR ran only 85 trains during MG era. Hope I am wrong)

Check 2: If yes, does HMRDC have a problem approving it?

Check 3: If yes, what is the problem?
HMRDC is an arm under IDD dept of GoK. So whatever be their problem, I don’t see a reason why the GoK can’t interfere and direct HMRDC to allow more passenger trains.

For any of the 3 questions, if the answer is 'NO', SWR is to blame.

Also, sparing some thought for SWR since they operate in very tough conditions. For a moment, lets assume ghats become choked (could be HMRDCs concern) if we stretch beyond 14 trains/day. Waiting or crossing time for trains around ghats increases.
In that case, having multiple routes from ghats (read Sakelshpur) to plains can provide some relief. They are:
1. Sakleshpur - Chikmagalur - Kadur - Shimoga/Davanagere/Bangalore
2. Sakleshpur - Hassan - Arsikere - Shimoga/Davangere/Bangalore
3. Sakleshpur - Hassan - KR Nagar - Mysore - Bangalore
4. Sakelshpur - Hassan - Shravanabelagola -Kunigal - Bangalore

The time lost in ghats can be made up with multiple options in the plains. Currently only Option 2 & 3 is available. If the ongoing projects are completed, then all the above options will be available.
few important posts

Thanks Mysoreone for the details.

Looking at the following details :

Hassan - Sakaleshpur : 42 Kms with elevation difference of 67 M
Subramanya Rd - Mangalore : 86 Kms with elevation difference of 100 M

That means only Sakaleshpur - Subramanya Rd 55 Kms has gradient issue and speed restriction of 30 Kms per / Hour

Donigal - Shrivagulu 35.6 Kms having 3 crossing stations : Kadagaravalli (KVGL), Yedakumeri (YDK), Arrebetta (TO BE COMMISSIONED)

 The Critical Block Section of HMRDC Line is DOGL-SVGL in the ghat section of SKLR-SBHR section, with the distance 35.60 KM the running time for DOGL-SVGL section is 71 minutes (35.6 /30*60)

 All the down trains are required to stop and start at reception signal to check the brake power

 There are two stations, each requires 3 mins i.e total 6 mins

Total time required for the journey is 77 min (71+6 min)

 The total number of trains that can be run (Line capacity) =18.70 trains (1440/77)

 Time required for maintenance works is provided to the extent of 1.7 train paths (130Min (77*70/100+77))

 Balance paths remaining are 17 (18.70-1.70)

 Total number of trains that can be run in a month 510 (17*30) i.e line capacity

 Total number of passenger trains in a month that are running in the section is 85 i.e 1 daily train

and 3 days a week [60+((6/7)*30=25)]=85

 Total number of paths available for goods train/ MT/LE/CLE in a month 425 (510-85)

 Total number of paths available for goods train/ MT/LE/CLE in a day 14

 Efficiency factor is 80% of the capacity utilization i.e 340 trains (425*80/100) in a month

Following calculations are based on wrong assumptions :

1. Total time required for the journey is 77 min (71+6 min) : Does this mean that during 77 Min of Donigal - Shrivagulu 35.6 Kms, only one train will run either of the direction with 3 stations crossings.
Its fooling public. This will be 40 Min per Train between Donigal - Shrivagulu considering two trains wil cross during three station Kadagaravalli (KVGL), Yedakumeri (YDK), Arrebetta (TO BE COMMISSIONED)

Already 3 Min forced stoppages are given at two stations for inspections, so it means Railways will use this for crossing of Trains.

2. The total number of trains that can be run (Line capacity) =18.70 trains (1440/77) : Instead of 18.70, it will be 36 considering 40 Min per Train ( two trains will take 80 Min to cross 35 Kms with crossing station )

3. Time required for maintenance works is provided to the extent of 1.7 train paths (130Min (77*70/100+77))

This is age old technique fooling public of track maintenance. I had good discussion with some railway officials, during last few year track maintenance is being done with advance tools and to large extent manual track maintenance is reduced. As the Trains cross the section, Track maintenance work is taken except changing of cement block sleepers.

4. Balance paths remaining are 17 (18.70-1.70) : 71 Mins of 35 Kms journey, will it take same time for 20 Wagons, 30 Wagons, 42 Wagons, 58 Wagons for journey.

HMRDC and SWR fooling the public to large extent with above calculations.

Other question : What efforts have been made by HMRDC during last 7 Years to increase the line capacity between Hassan - Sakaleshpur - Donigal and Shrivagulu - Suburamanya Rd - Mangalore.

Close this / Scrap this White Elephant HMRDC and let SWR manage it even though we all feel SWR is not doing justification for Karnataka.

Looking at agreement and other things in operations, Permission by HMRDC, capacity enhancement and poor knowledge with HMRDC team on Railway Development, its better SWR should take over the company and streamline the operations with capacity enhancement.

Let HMRDC vacate their office at MS Building and KRIDE to be closed which is not doing any thing for Karnataka
few important posts

You nailed it perfectly Sir.
Even if you waive off these flaws in their calculation, there is still enough room to run more passenger trains.

If reqd, capacity of the critical block can be enhanced by adding 1 more waiting line at 1 station in Ghat section. Worst case, a one-time investment may be reqd in 2 engines (for breaking/banking) if we have to facilitate crossing inside the ghat section (which is not happening now as per their calculation)

I just checked on how many trains are operated in Braganza ghat (Castlerock to Kulem section) operated by SWR:
Length of ghat section = 27km
Total passenger trains = 225 trains/month = 54 trains/week = 8 trains/day.
Freight trains = Avg 7 per day = 50/week = 210/month

I feel HMRDC is not exactly a white elephant since its financial condition is good & they are paying back debts. This aspect is important. However, it should NOT be at the cost of unfair & unjustified restriction on passenger trains that too when capacity is available.

Since HMRDC is a GoK body, MPs & MLAs from karavali should move SWR & IDD to amend the agreement & make the share 50:50 like in Braganza section. HMRDC anyway don't need 11 slots/day for freight. Let them make it 7+7. With just 5 freighters per day, HMRDC are able to break even.

The MPs & MLAs are either sleeping or are intelligently blind with influence of other forces which everyone knows. Any idea if the fight is on ? or are they more interested in lobbying for Mangalore division(to wash KL trains) besides protecting Ballal & his chelas.
yesterday travelled between Sakaleshpura - Subramanya Rd

1. old sleeper removal and laying of new sleeper happening
2. strengthening of railway bridges with 15"/20" of cement concrete
3. all the bridges are getting exclusive pathway which were absent earlier
Extreme Rail Road between Sakaleshpur to Subramanya

CC:- Nanda Kumar

beautiful video must watch
Good start:cheers:

Hope we see lot of development in this stretch
Thanks Mysoreone starting this thread. We really need a close update, watch on this project and push to what is good for karnataka people. Lets try to get more info, updates and push our politicians to Double line this.

We definitely need one dedicated line for passenger and one for Goods. If sravanbelagola-Bangalore line opens, the distance between Bangalore and mangalore should not take more than 7-8 hours.
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yesterday travelled between Sakaleshpura - Subramanya Rd

1. old sleeper removal and laying of new sleeper happening
2. strengthening of railway bridges with 15"/20" of cement concrete
3. all the bridges are getting exclusive pathway which were absent earlier
Any updates on construction of catch siding at Yedakumeri station ...

According to RTI ( )filed by Puttur Railway Yathri Sangha in 2011 absence of catch siding at Yedakumeri, Kadagaravalli and Harebetta stations was main reason behind introduction new passenger service.

Railways are following archaic rule of catch siding and single siding on the ghat stretch, wherein no train would be allowed to enter the ghat section when another train was moving up or down the stretch. The CRS, in his authorisation of April 12, 2007, had put only one restriction — that no passenger train should trail a goods train up the ghat section.
Source :
Any updates on construction of catch siding at Yedakumeri station ...

no developments on this

not only subramanya-sakaleshpura stretch even sakaleshpura-hassan-arsikere stretch is also filled with goods trains
Good initiative Mysoreone.
Hope we will see doubling of this stretch in the near future.
SWR tenders

Reconnaissance Engineering-cum-traffic survey for New Railway line between Kaniyoor - Kottikulam - 85 km (15 km for plain section and 70 km for Ghat section).
is this new line worth connecting existing HMRDC line?

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is this new line worth connecting existing HMRDC line?

Basically KA is not well connected with KE.
KE needs people from KA for their tourism.
KE needs to export people for jobs in KA and would also help as a shorter route towards East/AP.

Its basically KE who need it not us.
We need this line to pass via Kodagu instead OR
KR Nagar line to Kushalnagar can be connected to KE which would be a parallel route to Mangalore Port
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