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BENIDORM | Casino Mediterráneo | 260m | | Pro

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Located at the outskirts of Benidorm, in Vila-Joiosa

Por cierto, aquí se ve un poco mejor el render:
^^Gracias por el dato. 260 metros no están nada mal, aunque parecían más con el pico ese.

Unos cuantos renders más:

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Except for the tooth/knife shaped top, it looks good for benidorm, it would be dominating in the skyline. Elegant.

Looking at the visualisation at their website, it looks like its leaning. Would be horrible if other skyscrapers were built around it. Otherwise it could work.

The top is a bit too much, i think they should cut it. Unneccessary costs and as far as im concerned it doesnt look that good. Maybe its supposed to represent something?
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I dunno bout the rest of you, but i'm getting tired of the twisty style, and the off-center spires that are non-functional decorative extras like the airship mast on the esb but not nearly as nice.

- Andy
I dunno bout the rest of you, but i'm getting tired of the twisty style, and the off-center spires that are non-functional decorative extras like the airship mast on the esb but not nearly as nice.

- Andy
I have no problem with the twisting designs, but i feel they are sometimes used in places they dont look good, just for the sake of it. Also the spires, they are overused as well just to add height, a skyline doesnt look good in my opinion when it is saturated with spires for no reason. Just looks unharmonous and disturbing. But this would be the highest tower in Benidorm though and be quite dominating. Furthermore, spires can be part of the overal design and a crucial element, but all these small spires added to the side of the buildings and what not for no reason, is something I dont like.

Turning Torso was done so well because the design was not overdone but tasteful, and put in a location where it would be the centre of attraction.
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Looks real cool :)
I dig the building, but what's with isolated highrises these days? Benidorm is pretty dense, but it would look a lot better in the city as opposed to just by itself.
Wrong location.... Why not build it on the beach? :bash:
This looks poor, location and design.
I like the design, but enirely wrong locale. And what is going on with the road?
I was visited Vila-Joiosa 3 yrs ago, and I was 10x in Benidorm, I love this city, but this is really a most horrible location for skyscraper, but nice design.

I'd say this is the first close-to decent thing Benidorm has come up with so far.
I really like the design but must agree that the location is really strange...
Benidorm is the most famous vacation town of Spain, as Gold Coast in Australia, for example. There are many towers there, between them, a 140 meters hotel called "Gran Hotel Bali" and there's a 200 meters awful tower under construction. Why not build this beautiful building in Benidorm, instead of the awful "In tempo" that is an horrible building.

Those who said Benidorm is a village is because they don't know it well, is not like a city, but in summer it gets crowded of people, more than other coast villages-towns in Spain.
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benidorm is a symple turist-city, it have got a Amusement-thematic park called "terra mitica", the biggest european waterpark "aqualandia" and also a zoo "mundopark".
and the skyscrapers is a complement ,but this casino is not build a benidorm, this proyect is cancelled , but if the skycraper had been build ,he had had on vila-joiosa other city to the south of benidorm.
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and the gold coast is more more more beauty that benidorm xD
Yes because the tourism is more concentrated than in Spain, where every village that has a beach is a vacation centre with many hotels...

Then, we, I don't know why, we aren't used to create tall buildings, we are used to build houses and buildings of no more than 12 floors. It's a little shameful, the only good thing for now that is in Spain is CTBA, Agbar Tower, Hotel Arts, or Mapfre Tower. I hope they finally open their mind and think seriously on building tall buildings.
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any news on this one or is it dead?
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