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BENIDORM | Intempo | 187m | 49 fl | Com

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Residencial In Tempo

Architect: Perez Guerras Arquitectos
Height: 200 metres
Floors: 47

Tallest in Benidorm and tallest residential building in Spain.



Construction has been on hold for several months due to the hard real-state depression in Spain, but some weeks ago it began to rise above ground again.

Official website:

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Construction status.

June 8th by VERMEER

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colour and shape are so tasteless... hello? we are in the 21. century... :lol:
200 meters of uglyness!
Nuff said.
Sorry mate... but this one is hideous!

Maybe there's a chance for it to improve once construction is finished. Renders are always kinda liar.

great height; but if this building would be a woman, she would look like a slut ;)
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It probably would be better without the top connection. Side and back views are not bad but it doesn't fit the area at all
In Dubai it would have had no impact
this building looks as if it's from the same desinger as the high rise in North Korea. and that one was actualy buid in the '80. It's tastles.
I like the shape, but the cladding sucks.
maybe it somehow manages to look (a bit) better in reality.............................
Don't we already have a thread about this?

Anyway, it remains the tackiest highrise project of Europe for now.
^ Thought so 2. But I made the quick links thread recently and couldn't find anything about this project in Benidorm. But I can remember that there used to be one.
I like the shape, but the cladding sucks.
It could also have blue cladding, we don't know yet

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Pleaaaaseee, dont do that.......dont build this......
Euh... can we call this retro-style ;) Where is the creativity people?
oh. It isn't cheering me up actually. The sort of crown/shape on top of it is ugly 2 :lol:
i think the shape is quite interesting, but the (golden-)cladding, back- and thin-sides with nearly no windows and the boring entrance suck. would look better in blue.
:lol::lol::lol: What a strange looking tower.... It would look better if that top bit was removed leaving to like twin towers!
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