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Bergamo | Lombardia | Italy
Developer | Grupedil -- Design | Progetto CMR Massimo Roj Architects, Joseph Di Paquale Architects -- Project Management | Immobiliare Percassi
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Public File | Project Dossier (in Italian language)

The municipality of Bergamo (40km north-east of Milan), Lombardia region, TEB and Grupedil have signed a deal for the construction of "Chorus Life". The project, whose investment amounts to 120 million euro, envisages the redevelopment of a former industrial site that spans over a surface of nearly 150,000 square meters.

Chrous Life is a smart village where the people can live, socialize and grow together while sharing the same space. It is a community understood as a combination of services but above all as a social whole, in which all barriers are eliminated in order to promote the integration among individuals, in full respect of the environment.


A Smart Grid system has been designed for Chorus Life, which will distribute energy according to real needs, avoiding waste and reducing environmental impact. Sensors will collect information on production and energy consumption in real time. In addition to monitoring consumption, data are used for predictive purposes, to adapt with flexibility the energy production of the house and the village itself. The GSM model will coordinate the mobile communication, promoting the communication between people and technology that will have numerous IoT applications, favoring the exchange between physical and virtual, simplifying and making more efficient the life of the individual and the community. Gewiss, Siemens and Microsoft have collaborated to develop such system.



Twenty-five thousand square meters of open-air areas, squares and green areas with facilities. The urban fabric is a real theatre which livens up everyday life of the complex: street artists, shows, street food, small events and performers will entertain customers and visitors. A special lighting project for the outdoor and green areas, together with complete video surveillance cover, ensure optimum safety standards 24/7. Access is guaranteed by the tram link, so Chorus Life can be safely reached at any time of the day or night.

An avant-garde multifunctional arena, at the service of the entire city. It is the pulsating heart of whole complex, open all year round. An area with a capacity of 6,500 seats, equipped with the most modern staging technology, to host any type of event, from sports to concerts, from meetings to summits, from banquets to big musical events. The complex has a separately operated gym that can host smaller activities and minor sports events.

A large indoor space where different cuisines and flavors can be tasted, from barbecue to pizza to ethnic cuisine, for a particular and always different culinary experience. The Ristopub activities will occasionally extend to squares and arcades of the big boulevard livening everyday life up. In the evening, the space becomes an entertainment center, where young people can find a meeting point with music and where they can spend hours socializing and having fun in a totally safe area.

One-hundred rooms and multi-media hall that seats up to 250 people for congresses. For larger meetings and conventions, there's also the Arena (that can be configured to hold more people). From the roof-top restaurant with a panoramic view of Bergamo Alta and the surrounding valleys, it is possible to access to the rooftop area with the panoramic Sky Jogging trail.

80 flats varying in sizes from a single-room, to a two-room or three-room flat, ideal for students, young couples or the elderly. The residence is an integrated and scalable offer of housing services, energy, maintenance, security. All the flats are furnished and equipped with systems and appliances that can be configured and activated via a single digital platform.

The Wellness Center will promote healthy behaviors regarding fitness, nutrition and psychophysical balance of all the residents and guests of the hotel. The area dedicated to the well-being is accessible and open to all the citizens and includes: medical center, SPA, gym and a summer pool.

A long open-air scenic Sky Jogging route will be built on the rooftops of the buildings: in this way, it becomes a real rooftop public garden, where it is possible to go jogging in a green area overlooking the Bergamo Alta and Chorus Life squares.

Commercial activities are oriented to sport, wellness and free time. The gallery includes shops, mini-market, post office, bank, nursery and co-working spaces.

The parking lot is a big technological platform to park and to manage the integrated services for the sustainable mobility. More than one thousand parking spaces allow the management of the daily users of all the activities available in the center. The “smart parking” technologies give the opportunity to make reservations or buy season tickets receiving also real time information about accounts and parking availabilities. The Parking Area has 100 charging stations, car and bike sharing. Employees of the arena, guests of the hotel and residents can rely on reserved and independent parking spaces.

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