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Berrys Bay, Sydney - CBD, bush, water and industrial views clash

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The other weekend I went for a wonder around Berrys Bay which is just a couple of km north, west of Circular Quay, Sydney. I hope you enjoy this little photo tour.

We start this tour with W Crescent Street at Blues Point

W Crescent St

Climbing down a short stairway -,151.202908&spn=0.000404,0.000896&t=h&z=21

The view

At the end of the street is Sawmillers Reserve. A former industrial site, in 1982 the area was set to be turned into private housing. Thankfully the local NIMBYs objected and we now have a lovely stretch of public green space.,151.201521&spn=0.001617,0.003583&t=h&z=19

Very north shore

Lots of shade grass, would be great in summer.

I don't know what is the deal with this boat, but it looks old.

We leave Sawmills onto Munro Street

The old railway

8 Munro Street

Looking on Google Maps shows it has a number of roof top gardens with lovely views -,151.200391&spn=0.000809,0.001792&t=h&z=20

Back down by the water

Over a public access walkway

This is the same walkway with 8 Munro above

We are now in the north eastern end of Berrys Bay

Clouds are moving in

This is the old Dolphin wharf, looks like something you would see on some Asian waterway

I continue walking on to Waverton Park

The old North Sydney Optus Tower

Spiders have been breading this season

Now we come to the old BP site

The old oil storage facilities have been taken out, but their shape remain in the rock

Some areas have been turned into a small wetland

But some of the original piping etc has intentionally been left behind

The area has some nice views

Dolphin Wharf again

View from the lower end of the BP park

We climb the stairs

It was getting late so I walked all the way back to Blues Point to be greeted by

Blues Point Tower. Many people dislike this tower but I appreciate it. People need to realise it was designed to a price. Also the original plan was to have two shorter towers but Seidler preferred a single tower, to open up more green space on the ground surrounding and to offer more privacy to the residents of the tower.

Interesting a 30sqm studio in this tower back in 1961 sold for £3,500 or about $78,000 today. They didn't sell well due to Australian's preferences for houses.

Today that same apartment, now nearly 50 years old would cost $250,000. There is an interesting article on Blues Point here

The rest of the photos are all from Blues Point

Opera House looks out of place there

Luna Park

Blues Point, the suburb

Goat Island

The sun is setting in the west

Darling Harbor in the background

This view will look very different in a decade

It is becoming dark

A photo for the tourists

Milsons Point Skyline

Ferry chase

Blues Point Panorama

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excellent. really impressive part of sydney.
yeah blues point tower is a gem. especially for late 50's. tallest units in australia!
ta ippigi
Thanks for some terrific shots from a unusual location on the harbour your pic below is the same location shot used in the first matrix movie. Thanks now I know where it was taken from.
He delivers once again.

Great tour of a beautiful and characterful suburb!
I love your tours. You even managed to get Blues point tower looking good :D
Simply beautiful.
p.s. wanna swap cameras:yes:
Great stuff, and an area I know well.

Great shots of a great location!

What kind of camera do you use?
Cheers guys I am glad you enjoyed.

Andy: I use a Canon EOS 400D with a EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens. The Canon RRP for the lens is expensive but it can be found online for nearly 1/2 the price. At the time Canon gave me a $500 cash rebate for buying the camera and the lens during the same period which was prior to Xmas in 2006. So it worked out well for me.
Cool, thanks for that. I'm considerint the Canon 40D and thought that might have been what you used, hard to tell from pics though.

Thanks again
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