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BERWICK UPON TWEED - The North Northumberland Town and East Coast Port

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The Port of Berwick is the second largest Northumberland Port, handling in excess of 150,000 tonnes of cargo (with capacity to handle significant additional tonnage) and around 250 shipping movements annually.

Berwick is situated on the eastern border between Scotland and the North East England, at the mouth of the River Tweed, which defines the historic Scottish Borderland.

Its coastal position places it equidistant from the Rivers Forth and Tyne.

Berwick is a modernising Trust Port, which has been established for over 125 years. The Harbour Master and staff see to the needs of incoming shipping and provide a friendly and flexible service to all Port users.

There is easy trade access to all the northern European ports including the Baltic, Mediterranean and beyond. Incoming cargo is transported by road. The main A1 road is situated less than ten minutes away from the Port, serving the North & South of the United Kingdom.

Official port Website:
The 'My Port' Website:
More Photo's:

Here is a copy of a post about Berwick, dated 2010, from the "Infrastructure and Mobility, Maritime Forum" of SSC . . .

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Cross-border Union Chain Bridge across the River Tweed faces extended closure

BBC News Tyne and Wear website article from 22/12/21


Cross-border bridge faces extended closure

Work started in October last year on a £10.5m overhaul of the Union Chain Bridge which links Scotland and England

Part of the programme includes the removal of the structure for repair before its restoration

It had been due to reopen in early 2022 but that has been put back to "late spring"

Full article on Union Chain Bridge faces extended closure for overhaul

Berwick's landmark Royal Border Bridge over River Tweed set for major repairs

BBC News Tyne and Wear website article from 22/01/22


Berwick's landmark border bridge set for major repairs

Repairs to a landmark bridge linking England and Scotland are due to begin in what Network Rail has described as a major feat of engineering.

The Royal Border Bridge, spanning the River Tweed at Berwick-upon-Tweed, was opened in 1850.

During the work, which will last until November, engineers will repair all 28 arches of the Grade I-listed structure.

The East Coast Main Line will stay open and an online event for people to find out more is being held on 27 January.

The 2,160ft (656m) long, 126ft (38m) high viaduct was designed by Robert Stephenson and the foundation stone laid in May 1847.

Full article on Berwick's landmark border bridge set for major repairs

Good Steve Ellwood pictures of the bridge to be seen on posts #2610 - 2611 on RAIL Transport - in Newcastle and the North East

From those posts

"BERWICK-UPON-TWEED | 4K Narrated Walking Tour | Let's Walk 2021" You Tube video published 23/01/22

You Tube video "BERWICK-UPON-TWEED | 4K Narrated Walking Tour | Let's Walk 2021", approx 44 minutes 30 seconds long, published by Let's Walk! on 23/01/22


Join me for a walk around the historic heart of the northernmost town in England: Berwick-upon-Tweed! Located just two and a half miles shy of the Scottish border, this distinctive town has switched hands between England and Scotland around 14 times through history, and as such is home to a wealth of captivating and unique history, from its gorgeous bridges to its stunningly-preserved medieval defenses!

On our walk around Berwick-upon-Tweed, we pass a number of interesting landmarks, including Marygate, Berwick Town Hall, the old town stocks, the Buttermarket, Hill Hide, The Kings Arms Hotel, Sandgate, Shoregate, Berwick Town Walls, Berwick Bridge (The Old Bridge), old Custom House, The Main Guard, Coxon's Tower, the River Tweed, Berwick Elizabethan Ramparts, Berwick Barracks, Holy Trinity Church, St. Andrew's Wallace Green & Lowick Church, the old Berwick Advertiser building, The Leaping Salmon pub, the Royal Tweed Bridge, the statue of Lady Jerningham, the Royal Border Bridge, Bank Hill Victorian Public Toilet, Scots Gate, Castlegate, the former St. Mary's Church, Berwick War Memorial, Berwick-upon-Tweed Railway Station, Coronation Park and the ruins of Berwick Castle.


Also posted to "History outside of Newcastle" thread

Berwick's new £22.6 million leisure centre in Tweedmouth opens its doors on 08/02/22

A couple of articles from Northumberland Gazette website on 08/02/21


Berwick's new leisure centre opens its doors

Hundreds of residents are expected to see and enjoy the state-of-the-art facilities at Berwick’s new £22.6million flagship sports and leisure centre today (Tuesday) as it opened to the public for the first time this morning.

The centre, managed by Active Northumberland and located on the site next to the current leisure centre in Tweedmouth, is being built in phases and it is the biggest phase – phase one – that has opened today. The project has been fully funded by Northumberland County Council.

Full article on Berwick's new leisure centre opens its doors


Take a tour of Berwick's new £22.6m leisure centre with these 13 pictures

The first phase of Berwick’s new £22.6 million sports and leisure centre has opened.

It includes a new swimming pool, spa and fitness facilities as well as a soft play and cafe.

Full article, with images, on Take a tour of Berwick's new £22.6m leisure centre with these 13 pictures

Countries connected again as Union Chain Bridge rebuild starts

Northumberland County Council news website article from 15/02/22


Countries connected again as bridge rebuild starts

The nations of England and Scotland are once again connected over a stretch of the Tweed as the Union Chain Bridge starts to go back up.

After a lengthy process to dismantle the crossing point, inspect, repair, refurbish and replace the bridge’s components, work is now underway on the re-erection of the main suspension chains.

Putting the chains back up is painstaking work. In total there are 1.1/4 miles of steel and the first chain was hauled out over a three-day period to re-connect the two countries at this point.

The coming weeks will see the erection of the remaining 11 chains before work starts on re-installing the deck hangers before starting to rebuild the bridge deck.

Full article on Northumberland County Council - Countries connected again as bridge rebuild starts

Major step forward for Berwick Barracks project

Northumberland County Council news website article from 28/03/22


Major step forward for Berwick Barracks project

The council has warmly welcomed a grant of £4.2m from the Cultural Development Fund to English Heritage on behalf of the Berwick Barracks Partnership.

The funding represents an important next step in delivering a long-term project to transform Berwick Barracks, enabling the partners to better tell the Barracks’ dramatic and intriguing story, and creating a vibrant cultural hub for the town of Berwick..

The Partnership was formed by organisations with a shared vision to transform the Barracks into a thriving cultural hub and visitor destination.

Chaired by English Heritage, the group includes Berwick Barracks Heritage Trust, The King’s Own Scottish Borderers, the County Council and the Maltings (Berwick) Trust.

The first phase of the partnership’s vision will see the creation of a striking new home for contemporary visual art and the King’s Own Scottish Borderers Regimental Museum on a single landmark site, alongside studio spaces for local artists and makers with more opportunity for showing and selling work.

The next phase will see a café / restaurant within the Officers Mess and the final phase will see the West Block and Clock Block returned to accommodation. Meanwhile the council will work towards moving Berwick Archives into the Barracks. A consultation began in the summer of 2021 and received widespread support.

The total funding necessary for the cultural elements of the project, excluding the accommodation, café and shop, is likely to be close to £10 million, but with this grant and £1.1 million already committed by the County Council, the project has taken a significant step closer and demonstrates confidence in the project to other potential funders.

Full article on Northumberland County Council - Major step forward for Berwick Barracks project

Renovation of Historic Union Chain Bridge over River Tweed from Fishwick in the Scottish Borders to Horncliffe in Northumberland nears completion

BBC News Scotland South website article from 20/12/22


Historic Union Chain Bridge renovation nears completion

A historic bridge linking Scotland and England over the River Tweed is set to reopen as early as possible in 2023.

The £10.5m overhaul of the Union Chain Bridge is a year behind its original schedule.

It was hoped it would take 15 months to complete but a "range of challenges" have seen that target missed.

The work has seen most of the 202-year-old structure removed and it is now in the process of being replaced.

Full article on Historic Union Chain Bridge renovation nears completion

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